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Flecainide as PIP

Just an update post cryoablation 7 weeks ago. The first couple of weeks had 4 bouts of AF ranging from 6 to 13 hours and another long bout this week! I saw my EP today and even though we are still in the blanking period it seems likely that I will have another ablation in the near future due to the suboptimal freezes during the procedure .I have been taking 1.25mg of bisoprolol twice a day but my EP has decided to stop this and has prescribed flecainide 100mg as PIP with metoprolol 25mg if needed also as PIP. Reading this forum there seems to be very mixed opinions on flecainide and whilst i’m pleased to stop taking daily bisoprolol I feel a little anxious about this new drug regime. Anyone on similar treatment plans I would be grateful to hear of any experiences good or bad!! Sorry if I’ve waffled too much x

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I havent had an ablation but as pip I take flecainide 150mg and metoprolol 25 mg. Over the last 2 yr Ive used it 4 times with no issues. My a fib converted to nsr in about 2 hours after taking it, one time my a fib went on for 12 hours so they had me repeat my pip. I did not have any side effects.

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I am taking Flecainide daily and also as PIP.

I have had no problems with this drug and have been taking it for more than 25 years.





I haven't had and ablation but I take Bisoprolol 5mg daily and Flecainide 50mg as PIP. I need to take the Felcainide every few weeks for a day or two, sometimes with an extra 50mg a couple of hours later. I've never had any adverse effects with it.


Hello Kjsp.

I have been using PIP method for many years,since 2012.The best method for me ever.

I have Paroxysmal AF 20yrs now.When I have an episode,I have to wait 10mins,take 300mg of Flecainide,within 40mins to 4hrs my heart is back to normal everytime.For me this is a wonderful drug.

Coming 2yrs since I had my last episode so I am very lucky this works for me.maybe your Cardiologist is needing to increase your dose.

Hope you keep well.

Best Wishes,



That is great news as Im doing same for pip. Cardiologist wouldnt agree to pip so I saw EP, thats the first thing he recommended. Its been 2 yr of pip and so far so good.


I have had two ablations, one for AF and the other for flutter. I got many episodes of AF in the blanking period and 300mg of Flecainide converted me every time.

I carry it with me always but thankfully have not had to use it for six months now. Cold drinks set me off so I avoid them now.

Best wishes,


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hi, I take flecainide tice daily and have done since diagnosis of PF 4 years ago. I take 150mg both morning and evening and also an extra 50mg as a pip if I feel an episode beginning. I also take Bisoprolol every morning (8mg).

I've been reading all this about these drugs and I do wonder if some of my issues are due to the meds and I will be asking next time I see my cardiologist.

stay well

Blue :-)


I was on Flecainide for many years before my ablation 4 years ago. Since then I've come off Flecainide except when I have the occasional episode of AF. I then take it as PIP and it kills the AF. I've never had any issue with Flecainide except for vivid dreams!

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Over the years, between 3 ablations and periods on Tikosyn, my EP prescribed flecainide as PIP whenever I had PACs. He also prescribed a small dose of metoprolol with it, because he believed flecainide could encourage flutter. The flecainide always helped with my PACs, with no discernible side effects.


Thanks everyone for your responses , it’s so comforting knowing other people are going through the highs and lows of AF and still take time to reply to my ramblings . Thankyou x


Been on Flec for 10 years no issues


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