Taking extra Asprin during an attack of AF

Would anyone recommend taking extra Asprin during an attack and for a short time after.Im currently on 75mg daily. Which doesn't seem very high. Previously I was taking warfarin for 8 years, then put on Asprin before an op. The doctor then decided not to put me back on it as I was a low risk according to CHADS.

It can be very worrying.

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  • Hi Linbobs. When at my GP surgery my AF kicked in and she called paramedics to take me to A & E. It was 10am and I had taken my usual 25mg Atenolol and 150mg aspirin at 8am that morning. Paramedics and GP knew this and gave me 300mg aspirin there and then before getting me to A&E. Cant advice but that was my experience. Hope that helps. Seems strange that you were on Warfarin once if they now say you are low risk according to CHADS. Not a medic so cant comment usefully. I would get a further doc's opinion to be safe all round. Good luck. Dee.

  • linbobs, I know of those who take up to 300mg a day. But all of the recent studies have shown that aspirin has almost "No Effect" is stopping clots in AF patients.

    Here is a link to an article and video from Dr. Albert Waldo, one of the leading experts in stroke prevention in AF patients.

    In the article they state:

    "In this video interview at Heart Rhythm 2012, Dr. Albert Waldo, one of the world’s foremost atrial fibrillation treatment experts, discusses why aspirin no longer plays a role in stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation and how aspirin has already been removed from various guidelines around the world. He cites that numerous studies have found aspirin to be no better than a placebo."


    Sorry to be so negative about this but I have just heard the same story so many times from people who have had a stroke. "My Dr told me to just take aspirin."


  • Hi Linbobs

    As Tim and Dee say it might be wise to question the Warfarin decision.2 months ago I was told at 58 and with no other problems except AF I was not a stroke risk and told to take 75 mgs aspirin daily.I then went on to have a TIA. On discharge from hospital I was prescribed 300mgs of aspirin and told I would have a follow up appointment at the TIA clinic within 2-3 days and would be prescribed Warfarin.I received no follow up appointment and despite ringing the hospital several times and explaining I had not any medication I heard nothing even though they promised to ring back. I was back10 days later in hospital having had a stroke -fortunately minor.I then for the first time saw the stroke consultant who had no knowledge or referal for me .Whether or not I would have had the stroke if I had been taking Warfarin I suppose I shall never know but I would like to do my best to make everyone aware of the danger of stroke for AF patients. It scares me!!


  • I suffer and have done for 4 years Af, I am 66 and was told I should be on Warfarin for life, I have. been to a number of talks etc by Liverpool Chest and Heart Hosp, it was said at this talk by an eminent cardiologist that Asprin was no longer counted for stroke prevention.

  • Morning all. I agree completely re anticoagulation. I was on aspirin 300mg for the past 4 years and was told I would be put on Warfarin when I next had an AF episode. My last episode was unbelievably bad and I was scared of a stroke. In January this year I asked my consultant about Warfarin. My CHADS were sufficient to warrant it but I was told I was borderline. Anyhow we discussed it and it was agreed I was prescribed one of the new novel anticoags - Rivaoxaban. So far so good. Have to say I feel safer now. I know there is a risk of bleeding but you cant worry about everything. If you don't feel protected have the discussion with your doc and decide together what is best for you Linbobs. Good luck Dee.

  • After being told that aspirin was all I needed by my doctor ... I'm now on Warfarin. I have to say that my initial feeling was negative to this but now am feeling so much safer. Fear and lack of information can be so bad that to be part of this site has helped me no end. It's great to talk to people who " know" exactly how AF makes you feel.


  • Skary, No one likes taking Warfarin, the often visits for Inr are a pain, but anything is better than a stroke. I have taken Warfarin for 4 years, I have had. no side effects whatever, I hope you will be the samex


  • Beth, Could not have said it better... I have a home INR machine and it's still a pain having to stick myself every week but the possibility of a stroke makes it all worth while.


  • Quite agree Tim. My mum had an af stroke and the thought terrifies me


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