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This has been awful for weeks now. Using the usual methods to minimize. I've searched far and wide for best intervention and causes. I know structures are a possibility. Diarrhea, bleeding and pain more common so thankful avoided those. Anyone else have this problem and what worked best? I'm on magnesium, flaxseed oil , and polyethylene glycol and occasional glycerin suppository.

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There's another thread on this topic that is active right now, you might just want to look there:

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You should consider to to consult with GI about new drugs such Linzess, Trulance, Linaclotide etc which increase gut motility.

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Get Miralax or the store brand of the same thing. Put hot water in a small juice glass, about 1 inch. Put suggested dose (usually a capful) in the glass and stir until the water is clear. Drink immediately in one or two swallows.

If you do this daily, you’ll feel results in about 2 weeks.

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Have you just tried good old prunes and prune juice.

I was offered all sorts post operative to prevent constipation. Prune juice and prunes did the trick. Plus plenty of good old H2O you need to be well hydrated, if you’re not on any type of fluid restriction.

Best of luck with whatever works for you.

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Izzygirl1 in reply to Aussieguy1

I agree!! You can even try warming the prune juice up a little.... that helped my husband a lot! Another favorite is pears... they seem to help also!

Drinking lots of water is a must... but my husband can only drink so much before complaining. He also takes a stool softener every day.

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your husband may want to try those zero calorie sparkling ice drinks. It’s all water and flavored. These help me stay well-hydrated.

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Izzygirl1 in reply to tallguy2

thank you!!!

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maley2711 you generally have soft stools? The answer to that would guide type of advice IMHO.

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rfgh20 in reply to maley2711

No. Rock hard.

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Tons of liquids with meals and a serving of Miralax once a day.....see if hardening is reduced after 1-2 weeks.....takes time to clear system of hard stuff. Doesn't medical advice from pros !!! dry stool indicates possible dehydration, and Miralax improves movement of water into colon.....Walmart and other places have cheaper versions of the Miralax compund.....ethylene glycol, which is used to prep for colonoscopies, cept an entire bottle in one day..that will looosen you up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've had this problem in the past. I just ate lots of fruits and salads and still do. Eventually your body just can't deal with all the fibre and everything starts moving. If things still aren't ok, I'd speak to your doctor as there may be an underlying problem or problem with medication.

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[I also posted this reply on the thread referenced by TeleGuy]

For next day action, straight senna in tea form (not pills) is the only thing that works reliably for me, though not everyone has that luck. I have tried other laxatives that "work" but in unappealing, messy ways.

For ongoing regularity, I take two things daily:

1) the "stool softener"docusate sodium 100mg (at night)

2) whole psyllium husk (in the morning)

The latter is the active high-fiber ingredient in Metamucil. I buy it (on Amazon: Yerba Prima Organic Psyllium Whole Husks 12 oz, 15.39) and put several teaspoons on my high-fiber cereal (Alpen, raisin bran, oatmeal, etc.). Beware, it will change the consistency of your cereal a bit, as it absorbs the liquid and gets a bit sticky.

You want to start with a teaspoon or two and work up to several, 'til your body is used to the extra fiber. This and the docusate sodium are not next-day solutions but more to use over weeks and months to have a "regular effect," so to speak, and keep things moving.

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I found eating pears quite hard very beneficial hope it works for you. Good luck its horrible l know SheilaFx

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I went through a period of severe constipation a couple months back and all the above rememdies failed where only harsh laxatives worked short term and gave me diarrhea for a day and then back to being constipated. Even prescribed lactulose was ineffective. Etiology of it was unknown. I went to my gastroenterologist and he prescribed 290mg Linzess and within several days daily bowel movements ensured and then a high fiber diet and 80-90 ozs. water daily and the problem has resolved. Benefactor works better for me than Metamucil if I note reduced volume of bowel movement and I try to avoid Miralax and I might add stewed prunes to my breakfast once a month. I also take, in capsule form, 400 mg magnesium citrate daily in the am and I no longer have constipation. The key though was the prescription Linzess. Best to you

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Stool softener (Docusate 100 mg) 4 times daily, Senna 4 times daily until loose stool is achieved. Continue stool softener, adding 8-12 oz prune juice daily. Consume at least 150 oz of water daily. I worked with my MO during my clinical trial and this is what worked for me.

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I’ve been on Mira Lax 1/2 to a cap full every morning with my coffee, it’s worked for me now for 6 1/2 years. Worth a try

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rfgh20 in reply to larry_dammit

I've been using miralax (polyethelene glycol) a long time too. Not working now

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Linzess 72mg take one cap at 0630, wait one hour then eat something.

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I’ve tried everything mentioned on this thread. What has worked best for my constant constipation was just upping the dose of MAGNESIUM CITRATE I take daily. Usually about 625mg, but I titrate it up or down if stools get too loose or hard. Costco sells a Qunol brand gummy that is easy to deal with.

Also, I’ve recently added Quaker Oats “high fiber” oatmeal mixed with two tablespoons of buckwheat groats for breakfast, which has allowed me to take a little less magnesium.

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I would pay attention to your last meal of the day. Try not to combine carbohydrates with protein. In fact, don't eat any carbos with dinner.

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I had a horrible time during the 8 weeks of radiation treatment with diarrhea and constipation. I finally just sort of quit eating anything but canned soup and lost 20 lbs but got through those 8 weeks.

For the last 7 weeks (after treatment) I have been eating very high fiber foods at every meal, probiotics, additional fiber, and still trying to maintain 2 liters of water or so a day. Before bed I drink a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of metamucil and take 200 mg docusate sodium (Colace or generic) (and yes that makes me get up 4-5 times during the night). I am finally having a fairly regular bm after a cup of coffee in the morning and again mid afternoon.

My normal breakfast is oatmeal with a tablespoon each of ground flax seed, chia seed, and psyllium husk, and a handful of nuts and blueberries. That is about 18 grams of fiber. I may add a couple of slices of Silver Hills Squirrelly Sprouted Grain Bread for another 10 grams of fiber.

A nutritionist at MDACC suggested I build my gut bacteria back up with refrigerated-type probiotics, so for lunch I usually start with a cup or so of naturally fermented sauerkraut. I try different brands, but usually Savern or Silver Floss. To get it down... I add 1/2 tofurky italian sausage (mostly seitan and tofu) cut up and mixed in and lightly heated. I also have daily servings of keifer and yogurt. I mix around brands to make sure I get a good variety of probiotics but generally Chobani greek yogurt. I just added a shelf-stable DE111 capsule daily.

Finally, I also eat an apple, banana, and orange or tangerine most days and lots of vegetables (including cruciferous) either fresh or from frozen. Obviously, no white breads, cheeses, processed foods, and rarely animal products. I think my constipation is related to apalutamide at this point.

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rfgh20 in reply to hfl20

Wow. You really worked at it. Congrats.

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addicted2cycling in reply to rfgh20

From thread TeleGuy referenced -- my reply is easy-peasy since there is NO PAST THE LIPS of anything

"Years ago, (decades) as part of the prep for a Sigmoidoscopy by my PCP, she would have me drink a 10oz bottle of Magnesium Citrate. It worked well and then the cleansing was completed with a Fleet shortly before driving to her office.

One day when having an uncharacteristic blockage I decided to SPRAY some Mag. Citrate on my skin and lightly rub it in. Sprayed on the inside arm of elbows, inside of wrists, back of knees and on my hands then rubbed onto my ears. NO DRINKING but instead allowed it to work into system like a Transdermal Patch.

No gastro upset, no lousy taste in mouth, no quantity of fluid required when drinking and it worked great and is cheap since an opened bottle kept in the refrigerator could last for years."

caveat - YMMV if tried.

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had the same after radiation. Fought it with everything in the book and finally had a gastroenterologist tell me to try metimusel. Cheap metimusel. Started with 1 table spoon in 12 ounces of water twice a day Until constipation was gone. Not only did I get back to a normal but better than I had been for years.

The harsher stuff just caused bleeding. Once you get it under control you can back off or add to the times a day. Stop all the rest and try this one. Walmart brand works as good as the name brand. Good luck.

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This probably won't help but for completeness I put a dose of Miralax in my coffee every morning, really helps. Sorry and hope you find the solution soon.

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Get some Smooth Move herbal tea from a health food store. Works great!

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Best thing I’ve found to deal with constipation is to eat 3/4 reasonable sized oranges a day. I’d start at one and increase by one each day.

I’d take two, first thing in the morning, one in the afternoon and one a few hours before retiring to bed.

Will probably take one or two days for it all to push through, depending on your situation.

Fwiw, you could also consider high doses of vitamin C. To do this, you have to take dosages in grams. This will also loosen things up. I prefer oranges because it will give you roughage.

You have to be aware that taking antioxidant type foods/supplements may have opposing effects on treatments like chemo.

Edit: forgot to say. If you are struggling really bad, you can always do a coffee enema. A water enema may also do the trick, just that a coffee enema will give you a detox. You could for example do a water enema every day and a coffee enema once a week. Just make sure to replace electrolytes for both. I’ve found fasting salts to be good for that.

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I second the "M O T I ON" of prunes and prune juice. Use pitless prunes and the secret to drinking prune to keep drinking and don't stop until the glass is empty since when you stop that's when you think you're gonna pass out from the taste.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 03/20/2023 1:12 PM DST

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rfgh20 in reply to j-o-h-n

I might just pass pit drinking that!🤢

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No problem..... it will lodge itself in the pit of your stomach.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 03/20/2023 1:47 PM DST

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rfgh20 in reply to j-o-h-n

Meant to type "pass out" drinking it

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j-o-h-n in reply to rfgh20

OIC..... I understand that if you do pass out they give you a swig of castor oil to revive you.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 03/20/2023 2:54 PM DST

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One half teaspoon of chia seeds (from Trader Joes) per day works well for me ...

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j-o-h-n in reply to BILIE

Chi Chi Chi Chia = Pet

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 03/20/2023 3:59 PM DST

A reward pet for every movement you have.....
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1 tbsp epsom salts in a glass of water will flush you out in about two hours.

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I couldn't read through the posts so this may be a repeat plus not exactly pertinent to you.

When my husband was on oxy in the later years for pain we did have to use miralax and other things BUT, prior to that to keep him regular and have ease-movements I would simmer prunes every day and let him eat the prunes and drink the juice. Besides being tasty it worked.

Also, soaking fruit in a covered dish even overnight- and then simmer them.. Never anything cold. Even regular prune juice, the old fashioned remedies were always warmed.

I do prefer the organic prunes... a dish for breakfast with nice thick syrup from simmering them is good folk medicine.

About constipation from med like pain meds, they sent us home from a 3 day stay of horrible pain without waiting or creating a bowel movement. Luckily his gp called and said to use Miralax though he had to drink a lot of water and have food with it. The enemas and the suppositories would only work from the bottom end... where as the food pushed the bowel movement down.

Now, I know this isn't written well.. sorry.. and I'm sorry you are dealing with this. Stay ahead of the hardness and the regularity. It's important and you'll feel better. Good Luck ... and Wishes for Strong Health... to ALL...

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rfgh20 in reply to Bluebird11

Sounds like good advice!

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I read through this whole yarn...thinking i'd find somthing i hadnt tried...was like reading a who's who of cant shite....but i sit broken hearted came to s*#@t.....and only..... suckerd into paying a co- pay of 130.00 for linzess.....yeah 4 bucks a day per pill my cost....did nada.....have a 55 gal. Drum of mirrorlax...for sale...also

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I am not a doctor and, obviously, there could be some underlying medical issue here, but, in my experience, a good old Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPB) works wonders. Focus on your entire diet regimen, not just one thing (like "eat an orange" or "eat a prune") and you may find significant health benefits. There is no need to be 100% WFPB. I have found the "80/20" rule (80% WFPB, 20% other) to be virtually as effective as 100% WFPB. Personally, I would trust the WFPB diet more than some pill prescribed by a doctor (within reason). I wish you the best in your journey.

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Apple with lunch, prunes morning and night. Big Salad and veggies with dinner. Drink water. Works for me.

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Try to walk more, be active and don't stay dehydrated. Drink water and eat fruit or other high fiber food.

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good advice from so many of you. I’m thinking we each need to find what works for our bodies. For me, upping my magnesium levels and eating more fiber rich food for breakfast helps 💜

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Gl448 in reply to Lrv44221

This is a RED LETTER DAY on HMU!!! For the first time ever, you and I are 100% in agreement on what works.

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Lrv44221 in reply to Gl448

thanks you’re smart about so many things 👍🏼

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