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End of life!

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I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all your guidance and support throughout my husbands cancer journey. He is close to the end with almost a four yr. battle. He has fought so courageously and has never given up no matter how tough it’s been. He has been such a warrior and never gave up hope. My heart is so heavy for him, myself and for all of you who continue to fight. I can’t even express the pain I feel inside to think of him not being by my side. I guess God has a different plan. My life will never be the same. Again thank you all for everything. You navigated me in all the places I needed to be and all the proper treatments to pursue. None of you ever let me down you were always here. All of you will forever be in my heart and prayers!!! Never give up!!!

68 Replies

Know that you have helped many of us with your posts. So sorry. You made a great team, and fought your fight with everything you could.

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Dear Flight11, Thank you for sharing this. I am just now praying for peace from God for you both. Trust in Christ alone.

Please know that you and your family are in our hearts and prayers.

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Praying for you and your family ..

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Ive been along for much of this time.....tears swell at thought of another brother....not giving up but losing the battle....hug him once for all of us....see him on the other side.....peace in time....bw

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I send my love to you both. You fought so hard, you could not have done more. Much love xxx

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Oh...Miss Fight...my heart breaks for you. I've been following your journey for a while, always hopeful. Your sweet husband has fought so hard. You have fought so hard for him. I'm hoping for a peaceful and pain free transition for him. I'm hoping you are surrounded by loved ones that can help, support and comfort you. Please continue to reach out to us. Please also know you are in our prayers for strength.

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Oh Dear :-( .

My Heart and Prayers go out to you and the Ohana.

May His Passing be Peaceful and with Loved ones present to say Farewell

Hugs from CA


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I'm so sorry you are both suffering through these traumatic end-of-life events.

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Desr Fight11! You have fought hard on his behalf ! I’ve seen your search from the first day you joined . Yours is the highest form of love. You are correct in that we all suffer a similar path . In the end APC will level us all . We strive to survive another day . At some point each of us will leave this mortal coil .. The love that we receive here is all that matters . Love is eternal . I’m happy that you are by his side .. my wife is my savior in this mess also . Thank God for our caregivers and those that love us! God bless you both with light and love ! 🙏😔

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I am so sorry that you are having to go through this pain. X

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Seems so many are leaving us lately. Prayers that your love can sustain you through these difficult last days. I tried to be in the moment the best I could but it was hard. You will get through this. May his journey be peaceful and may you take comfort in the end of his suffering. Much love to you. I’m so very sorry. Tough club to be in.

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dear fight11 , I’ve written this and rewritten it several times , tears streaming with how poignant this is.

I guess I’ll just say ….. I’m so sorry to hear that your courageous fighter , your husband , the love of your life is losing this awful battle now. Your angst , despair and heartbreak is so strong, When us aPCa guys slip away, we aren’t going to take anything with us , but having the love in our life there to hold us…. kiss us and say goodbye , .. that’s the most important thing any of us guys can possibly hope for in the end. Hubby is very fortunate to have someone so deeply caring as you there at his side.

I hope your grief subsides quickly , it’s going to be difficult for sure , but you can have some solace knowing you have already done so much for him … stood by him and gave him your strongest most important support of love.

I’m sending out my most positive thoughts ( transfer of merit ) that your strength endures and a warm ehug for both you valiant warriors, this is always so sad to hear.


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May you both find peace on your different journeys! Heaven is waiting to welcome him after his long struggle. He is fulfilling his destiny. Trust that all will be well. I shall pray for you.

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Stay strong and may God bless you and your family. 💚

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Some moments burn brightest near the end. Be open to the moment and all that it has to bring, for there is great goodness to be found when the world is at its darkest. I will pray with you and for you.

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Daddyishealing in reply to gleason9guy

This is very true. I held my mom as she died of cancer and in those final four months oddly enough I felt I had a mother more than ever . Pay attention to those tiny moments

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Your beautiful message of strength and hope at a time of such pain and impending loss of your husband is inspiring beyond words. Thank you so much for your kindness and condolences to you.

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So sorry to hear. Words are inadequate. Sending hugs. <3

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I am so very sorry to read this. Holding you both in light and love. 🙏

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My heart sank, you are a wonderful supportive wife. I'm so sorry that you will lose your loved one.

Try now to think of the nice times you had together. There aren't any words to help ease your pain.

We send our love to you both .

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I pray for you and your family 🙏.

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May he rest in peace, and may God give you strength

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So very sad to read this. I am sending you love and ((hugs))

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Very sorry for your loss. May your husband rest in peace.

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So terribly sorry, words fail me really, god bless you and your darling husband sending my love & prayers Sheilafx

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You and my Brother are in my prayers. May our Lord wrap both of you in his loving arms.

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Thank you for sharing this. I'm praying for you and your family.

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God bless you and your family.

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I am sorry Fight 11. Your beautiful strong man could not have fought this without you. My preyer is he passes in peace knowing your love and care kept him going for many years. I love you, as we are all sisters, also in the battle for our lives❤️

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God bless you! Lifting you and your family up in prayer 🙏

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May all of your memories wrap you up in warmth in the days to come. From one spouse helping in the fight to another- I'm so sorry💙

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Sorry for your impending loss. What is around that next corner, do you suppose?

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Very sorry. He'll always be with you.

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Dear Fight11 - Thus is one group that can truly commiserate. I agree everyone is so wonderful and supportive. I am so sorry for your impending loss and pain... after such a valiant fight. Now you have another fight, of living with your husband's memory. May you find peace and contentment in that and the fact that you will see him again some day. 💜

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so terrible hurt to hear this. At times like this there are no words to express my sorrow for him and you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Prayers for peace and comfort to you both. What a great privilege to love and care for one who loves you. Many of us are not far behind you. May I be up to the task as graciously as you.

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very sorry for your loss, God bless you 🙏

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Blessings and strength in your hearts. 💕💕

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My heart hurts for both of you. I pray you find the peace you need to get through this unthinkable time. God Bless. Thank you for all your posts they have been helpful since I have joined.

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Peace be with you!

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So sorry for your loss. May God bring both of you peace.

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Thanks for sharing this and may he be pain free in the last days of his life

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My thoughts are with you both. I am so very sorry.

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My prayers and thoughts are with you both…#CancerSucks 🙏🌺

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Thank-you for sharing. As he passes from this life know that he will be free of the pain and anxiety we feel in our lives. I hope you know that you can come back to us anytime you feel.

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Peace to you and your warrior.

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Sending you lots of love and hugs during this difficult time. It is sooo hard seeing our loved ones go through this but you have been a great wife and advocate for him through this! Please love him through it and tell him everything you need to say, hold him, kiss him. You and your husband are in my thoughts. ❤~Ellie

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we all and myself feel the transcendental love brave heart you have and always continue to have.I hope and pray for a safe haven for both of you.Your continuing support never wavering love and support is something you always had for a great man and supportive wife and hoping there is a miraculous turnaround ❤️

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wishing you all peace and acceptance in the sad days ahead.

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prayers for peace and comfort

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So sorry. We are still with you. 😔

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He was able to endure due to you. Rest easy in knowing that you truly prolonged his life and the quality and dignity of that life.

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I will pray for you and have heartfelt hope that everything goes smoothly in the transition.

You were really the best from what i gather from your posts here.

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“Grief is the price of love.” And as painful it is to lose a loved one, there is more pain in never having loved at all.  Go in peace. 🦊

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From one wife to another I am so very sorry.

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another wife here with tears in her eyes, thinking of what you are going though processing your life partner’s death coming near. Love is worth its final cost but it’s so painful. I hope he is comfortable, and May you both find peace in this gutting part of life through which we all pass.

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It saddens all of us to know what you and your husband are going through and have already been through. It is heartbreaking to lose someone whom you have been with for so long and shared so much.

Once your husband has finally passed over, there will be a long period of grief for you, your family and friends but after this slowly becomes a little less painful and debilitating, you may be able to experience some joy again. I believe every man here wants their partners to continue living their lives and find joy again.

Our partners and those who care for us are our angels. We want not to burden you but cannot avoid it and yet you continue to love us, comfort us and help advise us in our greatest time of need. We give up control and our inner need to be family problem solvers and protectors that we are trained for by our society and you step in with grace to relieve us of this misconception through your unwavering support and calm.

I wish your husband a peaceful transition and you to find joy in your life again. You have more than earned it and I am certain your husband wants this for you. Lean on those close to you and they will carry you through...

Good luck!

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Beyond sorry to hear that your warrior is nearing the end of his earthly life. Condolences, prayers and blessings for you and your family

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Sending you love and strength in the days to come.

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We will all see each other on the other side. Your husband was blessed to have you as his wife and for you to have him. Our prayers are with you.

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Pam, no one could have loved more. No one could have supported more. No one could have hoped more. No one could have researched more. No one could have been more present. You have been everything you ever promised in your vows - and yet more. O will always be with you and you with him. Sending love, light and a big hug to you. mlr

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Your deep love is inspirational and, indirectly, a help to all of us. Thank you for sharing your feelings and loss. A long, heartfelt hug to you.

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Praying for your husband and yourself. As you have praised him, he was most fortunate to have you by his side.

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Prayers to you and your family🙏

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