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once again, someone is trying to inflame and hurt our community

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once again, someone is trying to inflame and disrupt our community, this time with a clearly political username. I have asked that member to change their username before posting again. Let’s all participate, honor and celebrate our community as helpful, not as a playground for hurt and havoc.

51 Replies
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Any progress in getting HealthUnlocked to create an "ignore" button? In other media it really helps maintain civility. A lot of trolls are just trying to get a response.

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DarrylPartner in reply to Tall_Allen

the team is aware but there is some resistance (I’m working on that)

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Tall_Allen in reply to Darryl

Do you think it would spur them on if many patients asked for it?

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DarrylPartner in reply to Tall_Allen

let me think about it. One crisis at a time 🤗

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Explorer08 in reply to Darryl

Tall_Allen is correct. His advice should be closely listened to on this topic.

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MJCA in reply to Tall_Allen

As always, Allen, a voice of reason. Thank you!!

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WSOPeddie in reply to Tall_Allen

There are times when I wish there was a 'dislike' button.

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Thank-you Darryl

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thank you Darryl!!! You do a great job and those who know appreciate you.

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EdBacon in reply to No_stone_unturned

I agree.

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The best thing we can do is resist the temptation to respond. DO NOT take the "bait".

People who make posts like those are bullies, trying to provoke a negative response and then get into an argument.

If nobody responds, they are deprived of what they are seeking.

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Thanks Darryl. Obviously I took the bait. Being both Gay and Jewish I detest ALL forms of hate whether it is directed at one’s race, creed, sexuality and/or religious beliefs.

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smurtaw in reply to MJCA

I'm straight and white and I join you 100% in detesting all forms of hate. You might have "taken the bait" but we are all human.

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Grandpa4 in reply to MJCA

You should not feel any shame on this issue. It is not your fault for standing up for what is right.

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redstratocaster in reply to MJCA

Peace Brother

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you da bomb Darryl, it’s a rough job …trying to keep this great group civil and apolitical. You and all the moderators deserve a lot of credit. That’s it big guy …just wanted to say so.


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Thanks Darryl ..... I resisted the temptation and replied to him without mentioning his inflammatory username...was so tempted I admit . But, who cares, water off a duck's back??

I'm not astute enuf to ever be sure who is intentionally "trolling", and who is just clueless?

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what about the moderators posting a reply explaining the nature of the posting and suggesting that no one respond. I missed the OP but would love to see it. I am also Jewish and gay.

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MJCA in reply to spencoid2

Yay!! Another member of both “tribes”! Thank you for your candor!

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GoBucks in reply to MJCA

LOL. Abi gezundt.

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Boywonder56 in reply to GoBucks

Bless you....

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Thanks for addressing that. This just is not the place.

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thanks Darryl

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I know the username you refer to, I also thought this is not really the place for that name.

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Are the posts offensive, or just the Username ? I think it matters

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Gl448 in reply to TommyCarz22

I saw a couple of people had issues with the name, and it lead to some name calling and heated emotions.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to TommyCarz22

In this case the poster was very creative in coming up with a username that was very inflammatory. Not good.

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Anything inflammable in political nature should not be tolerated

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being a moderator is a hard job as it’s like being a ref in hockey with 30,000 rabid fans watching every move and call. Now, I’m not saying us warriors are rabid but there are always haters that try to muck up the works. Let’s keep politics and negative comments aside and focus on helping ans supporting each other to win the war against pca. Stay strong!

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MJCA in reply to fmenninger

Thank you. Very well said.

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I saw the moniker and ignored it and I could see why it would trigger some. However, I found the attempt extremely distasteful and I was truly offended because this forum is one of a close brotherhood where those putting forth information have spent considerable time to do so with a generous heart. Those seeking information for themselves or their loved ones are often struggling with the progression of disease, a very serious situation. So I for one concur with Allen that I would be in favor of an ignore tool when it can be effected.

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gsun in reply to wagscure259

Yes, we are a close brotherhood and the user name is divisive and hateful. Not what this forum is all about.

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I read it and ignored the username and did not respond. I have MUCH more to worry about than a user name.

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MJCA in reply to NotAlwaysSunshine

We ALL have a lot going on. That’s jut who I AM, regardless of the fact I have Stage IV PC. When I see something wrong, I speak up. If the World had not buried its head in the sand and spoken up in 1939, maybe 6 million of my people would not have perished in World War II. Just saying.

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HusbandsPCA in reply to NotAlwaysSunshine

I am here for my husband and try to read everything I can. It is not always sunshine, that is certain. And it becomes much more dark and clouded when inconsiderate people try to push their viewpoints or maybe worse, their egos, on people like us. We get more than enough push from our doctors. I am grateful for the moderators of this site for watching out for us and taking action whenever needed.

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Thank you. I saw that and had a hard time keeping my fingers quiet.

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Yup! Such an obvious name! ! We are here to uplift each other and help us get over or just manage this disease! Let us not add animosity by disrupting the community!

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here, here.

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I did not see the post but I will say this: One of the most remarkable things about this group is we all come from different ages, gender, cultures, countries, lifestyles, race, ideology and beliefs, yet we are all here together to support each other without bias to fight a common enemy. Perhaps we all fall back to our tribes when we leave the forum, but while we are here, we are one tribe, with a singular goal; to stay alive. There's nothing more human than that. Much of the world could learn from our example.

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Miomarito in reply to No_stone_unturned

no stone, no truer words… thank you!

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Thanks, Darryl, for your very positive energy.

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thank you for your sensitivity

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Darryl, Why are all you guys talking about this jurk? I deleted him right away. He does not deserve all your attention. Getting attention might have been his goal and he sure has gotten lots. We have a delete key. I suggest you use it, instead of talking about this jerk. Cheers William of the lopwillie tribe

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The last thing we need is to bring political discord into a site meant for patients with serious health issues. My preference would be to clearly outline this policy to all who want to join this site and then review their username before allowing them access. This is not Facebook or Twitter or some other social media platform.

Let's keep it that way by firming up this site's terms and conditions of use to ensure there is a clear required edicate of respect and support for each other.

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DarrylPartner in reply to dmt1121

Good idea. Done. healthunlocked.com/advanced...

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Thanks Darryl and Tall Allen and all those who care about this.

My "two cents" - I am always looking for "good signal to noise". I want information. I am willing to listen to possibly "sketchy" information (for example, all of the many - including me - who are doing the (in)famous N=1 experiments, that is, we are trying things out and looking at our personal experience, something that can have both good but also bad outcomes) and judge it for myself. This can take a lot of focus and energy, but I am glad that we have that here.

And I also need a filter for the best "proven" information e.g. all of the fast-moving developments in this field involving clinical trials, recent approvals, and tons of peer-reviewed publications. I can absorb a lot of information. But nowhere near "all of it". This is where Tall Allen and others provide great - and gratis - service.

But I don't need rants, raves, "hate speech" or even measured political discourse. We can find those elsewhere.

Keep it simple. What can you offer? Personal experiences? Interesting new information you may have learned? Can you answer someone's question? What are your questions and concerns that this diverse group might be able to help with?

And I would love to have an "IGNORE" button!!!


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I admit I bit at the posts, this is programmer lingo, but if no Ignore, then route such posts and responses to dev/nul

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Lets agree to keep politics and religion out of these conversations

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Sending peace and love to a community that is part of my heart. 🕊️🕊️🕊️

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Amen for all sides

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Thanks Darryl for your dedication. This is a place where we try to help each other through very serious health issues, and I appreciate everything you are doing, along with Tall Allen.


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