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Radiation or Chemo first?

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Hi All,

I am feeling particularly worn out emotionally as I do everything that I can for my father. It seems like I learn a lot only to get hit with a whole new group of questions. For this one just a simple question, I tried searching the forum but did not see any headline with this question.

For stage 4 prostate cancer w/ spread to lymph nodes and possibly pelvic bone. My father will be starting 5-8 weeks of radiation (5 weeks before they check and determine if an additional 3 weeks is needed or not). After that Chemo is a possibility

Is this a good approach as he is already on Firmagon which he will continue to be on. I came across another post where someone actually started with Chemo before radiation it has me wanting to be extra sure that my fathers team is approaching this the best way is all

Hope everyone here is finding success in their journey fighting this beast. Much love

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As usual, I have no medical answers but I continue to send calm, love, and hope. Remember to keep building many wonderful moments with your family. ❤️Kate

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Thank you Kate, I hope you're healing up quickly. much love ♥️

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Any update from those clinical trials we discussed?


Chemo has very little benefit for prostate cancer that has not metastasized beyond pelvic lymph nodes.

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Hi Tall Allen,

no real update in terms of those. I had printed them out and brought them to the previous appointment and what we were told in response was that basically Frimagon, with radiation to the whole pelvic area along with some pills that will be added at some point is the best method of treatment for him. Oncologist mentioned 3-5 years whereas the radiologist has mentioned in response that he believes the success rate for my fathers situation is HIGH with this method and should be here with us for much longer.

They mentioned he needs to start this treatment right away and does not have time to go around looking at other options. So December 12th Radiation begins

Chemo only a possibility for him at the end of the radiation treatment of 5-8 weeks if they at that point think it's necessary. Thank you for clarifying why chemo at this time provides little benefit for him.. was not sure if it was good or bad that they were saying this but am relieved to hear this now that you've clarified for me

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Tall_Allen in reply to FormulaRob

I strongly recommend you contact the lead investigators of those trials NOW. I don't know where in Canada you are, so I will copy and paste the contact info to you in a PM.

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my husbands was in lymph, pelvic at surg, and immediately in lymph in the chest. His PSA was 3 after surg, 5.5 by the time we got to Kwon at Mayo. Gleason 4+3. He followed kind of the PEACE1 study. Started with chemo first, the 6 mo zytiga, Lupron, then 37 radiation and meds and then meds for a year. Non detectable NED 6 years, no cancer meds or treatments other than PSA every 6 mo recently reduced from 3 and yearly pet scan, for past 5 years. Each doc is different though… I woukd review the PEACE1 study. We r in the US.

This plan can work . It did for me . Firmagon then Lupron and another test adt drug with 8 weeks imrt put me in the clear .. diet and exercise also help . Keep his spirits up . It can all be an emotional ball of wax for our families as well . Hang in there with him . Anything to make him feel better is great . Love rules ❤️🙏lots of prayers too!

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