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How soon can I get a covid vaccine after chemo with docetaxel/taxotere?

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I just finished my chemo and would like to get a booster vaccine for Covid. Has anyone received a Covid booster after or during chemo? Have you had any adverse effects? Alternatively, has anyone had Covid during or soon after chemo? I understand those poor brothers unfortunate enough to dye from Covid would not respond.

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Just go and get it, you will be more protected than today.

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Thank you tango65!

I would suggest not getting anymore shots, for Covid. I have no proof, but my husband was being, quite successfully, treated for prostate cancer. After receiving his second dose, fatigue went through the roof…the cancer showed up in his liver. When realized, it was stage 4. The second shot was March 24th …..he died on July 5th, in 2021. I realize every body reacts differently. I will always wonder, if he hadn’t gotten the “vaccine”, how it would be as I near the one year mark of his death. I also know of a 30 year old female who was fighting breast cancer, got the vaccine, and then it showed up in her liver. God bless you as you battle.

Just a thought, you might test for CoV antibodies, the Spike AB test given by LabCorp, to see if you really need a booster. I tested mine last week and my CoV antibody count is still 2,400, near the upper end of the range, ten months after receiving a 3rd full Moderna shot. So I'm going to wait a few more months and reassess, possibly get the new Moderna vax coming out this Fall targeted for Omicron.

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Very useful advice. Thank you!

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That's what I've been doing as well. There have been 25,000 VAX related deaths in the United States and over 40,000 in Europe. Not to mention, millions is serious side effects and/ or injuries. If this was a natural virus, they would have found the "original host" and begun working on a REAL Vaccine. Unfortunately, these people are playing in a laboratory like a bunch of Dr Frankensteins. There are some very sick people at the helm right now. Sick in the head, as well as Godless and morally bankrupt. God save us🙏

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25,000 deaths in US; 40,000 in Europe. Source?

Have your Dr. look closely at your blood labs and let him or her make the determination or opinion IMHO.

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I did and she said in three weeks. But I am not sure that's ok, since she originally thought I can get a shot just before the first infusion. After consulting with my my PCP and getting back to her she took it back. Thanks for you input though.

I am not qualified to give medical advice, but I can pass on the advice given to me by the infectious disease department at Mayo just this past Monday. My husband finished his last chemo this past Wednesday. Since I was seeing the infectious disease doctor as part of my executive physical, I grabbed the opportunity to get some free advice while I was there.

I was told my husband should not receive ANY vaccines for a full 4 weeks, to assure that he would mount a full immune response not blunted by the chemo. This applies to Covid, shingles, pneumonia, anything.

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Thank very very much! This is close to what my MO suggested, at least 3 weeks after last chemo.

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Got my 3rd dose of the mRNA vaccine in between the 3rd and 4th rounds of docetaxal with very little if any reaction experienced. Got my 4th dose about 8 weeks after the last docetaxal infusion and my reaction to the vaccine was significantly more pronounced, which I interpreted as meaning more antibodies being created as a result.

I got my 1st dose during Chemo (Docetaxel), 2nd as well... And booster shortly thereafter (2021). As my MO said to me when I asked about getting it at all, it was better with than without (protection). But it's a choice! Good luck with yours!

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Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. Which vaccine/booster did you receive?

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I had the Pfizer on all...

Please don't listen to the antivax nonsense that gets thrown about with not a shred of scientific evidence or research. The vaccine has saved countless lives that otherwise would have been lost. This is a good article about how these conspiracy theories get started and why they are wrong. This is supposed to be a place of safety, information, and caring. Putting things out there that are false, pseudo science, ad nauseam is just wrong.

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I appreciate your sharing your thoughts and I fully agree with what you are saying.

The cat is out of the bag and has been for these Covid Vaccines. As a former clinical chemist, I can assure you that the "science" says "covid vaccines are a failure and dangerous!" Science is about asking questions, not censoring those that disagree (as Big Pharma has done). Both sides should reference studies that back up their conclusions. At this point, the info is readily available, so I don't even bother to comment anymore.

I would love to see your data with citations.

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Well, post that "science" you're referring to... Because otherwise, your assurance is worthless and smack dab contradictory to actual results.

Readily available or not, I've read plenty of study and other results that support the vaccine efficacy and would be very interested to see any real data to the contrary.


I'm not on chemo but I am on Firmagon. I got my 4th Covid shot last Friday and got Covid on Monday. The symptoms are worse because I'm already fatigued from the Firmagon. I'd get the advice of your doctor.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Sorry to hear you got Covid with bad symptoms. Hope you'll get better soon.

I’ll second the first reply: Get the booster. Hope the results of your chemo are helpful and effective. Congratulations on getting through that.

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Thank you for your reply.

Three weeks after my last chemo infusion my CBC&Diff results looked good, so I asked my oncologist whether it was okay for me to get a Covid-19 vaccination. She cleared me to proceed, so I got it the following weekend. No issues whatsoever.

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Thank you for sharing your experience.

I got a booster last November while doing chemo with no side effects or other harm - and no covid either.

Thank you! This is very useful info.

Toss a coin........

Quoting you "I understand those poor brothers unfortunate enough to dye from Covid would not respond."

I don't think anyone "dyed" from the corona virus disease and they would respond if they cared to.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 06/19/2022 11:10 PM DST

Husband finished chemo April 21. Had 2nd booster ( Moderna) June 14 with no issues - just tired and achy the day after.

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