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How credible is my report

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I even feel dumb writing this but unfortunately the expression "professional incompetence" comes to mind. The question is, do the 18F DCFPyl PET /CT scans actually show the prostate gland? I had the scans last week and only just received the written report. In three separate paragraphs it states 'persistent psa post radical prostatectomy', 'evidence of prostatectomy with no abnormal radiotracer uptake in the prostate bed', 'prior prostatectomy'. The point is I have never had a RP. I had 78g of RT (8 years ago) and 3 years of Lupron. How could a Radiologist from a top well-respected hospital in Melbourne Australia make these statements? It makes me worried about the rest of the assessment.

Yesterday in a phone consultation, my RO stated the prostate was clear and he could still see the 3 gold markers but there were 3 maybe 4 spots in the pelvis (he called it Regional Re-Occurance). We decided to do 6 mth of Lupron and not SBRT at this stage. To hopefully kill off any floaters in my system. I did not have the written report at that time.

The other news in the report was there was a 5mm left external iliac node SUV Max 7.5 , small right internal iliac node SUV 6.5 , small 3mm para aortic lesion SUV 4.8 , no distant or bony metastasis.

Have given the Urologist the flick.

Appreciate any comments. Thanks

7 Replies
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You got someone's else's report or they used the wrong template in compiling your report. The radioligant is excreted via the urinary track, so not possible to miss the prostate. It appears as a solid black volume.

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The idiot radiologist mixed up your report - let your RO know. Don't make any decisions until it is clarified.

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Must be a stuff up i am also 77 and in Au F18 lit up my prostate like a searchlight

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Thanks everyone for your comments. Now awaiting input from RO.

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I didn't realize Lupron could kill bone Mets.

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I would insist upon a repeat scan. Too important to be uncertain. If there turns out to be the few pelvic LNs , then full pelvic RT is needed promptly plus boost dose to those nodes of SBRT. Unless there is confirmation of PC sites beyond the pelvis (fully metastatic) which is a whole different situation to consider. Keep us posted. And don’t just sit on it with Lupron in the meantime. ADT suppresses but does not cure (kill) the cancer.

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To Birdwood,

If there was a vagina detailed in the report..... I would venture a guess "this was not your report or you're really pregnant",,,,

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 06/10/2022 7:25 PM DST

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