I’m H O M E !!!!! Post LU 177 - Advanced Prostate...

Advanced Prostate Cancer

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I’m H O M E !!!!! Post LU 177

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And the photo shows what I am seeing a lot of, Sparky’s face right up on me... giving me 1000 kisses. It’s so great to be home with him, but we also came home to mid 90s temperature and our central air conditioner is 😞 broken. A repairman is due in a few hours but thank God I kept a wall unit in my bedroom. I’m using it and staying relatively comfortable! Back to my regular doctors and my regular schedule here in Miami /Fort Lauderdale. I will miss Omaha, and Dr. Luke’s office, but it is good to be home. I’ll be getting bloodwork and seeing my oncologist next week. Thanks to everyone who Has been following my journey.

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Any thoughts about your experience with Lu177, especially for those who may be considering it?🙁

Well, all the stuff says that 10% at least does not respond well and progresses. I was part of the 10% that no one wants to be a part of. It was also incredibly tough on my bone marrow and I have ramifications of that that will be long lasting. I’ve already had three transfusions. Wish I had better news to report on my experience. To hear more about it look back at my previous post just before this.

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Hang in there buddy

Glad you had a safe trip and that's a great shot of Sparky

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He has been in my face like that intermittently kissing and then just staring the entire time I’ve been home! I love my puppy! And he apparently loves me still LOL.

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Awwwwwwws he’s so cute 🐕

He’s sooo adorable 🥰 🐾 welcome home xo

treedown wrote -- "Glad you had a safe trip and that's a great shot of Sparky"

I'LL 2nd that 👍👍

Full MOON at 10:36pm out here!!! R U 🚴‍♂️ tonight ??? 🤔 I'LL be out even though still hurting from my 4th of July crash. Will not make the 100 miles like the first 6 months of the year but then I am 71 now. 😃

I rode yesterday and hoping for a gravel ride Sunday if I can talk my younger friends into it. A ride by the full moon would be nice though I prefer the day time when I can see the cars better. Whats the temp going to be tonight? GJ said 90s but I pray he meant during the day. I had a friend from FL give up on it and move up here. He's my new riding partner once I get him broken in but he injects T/steroids daily so I suspect he will over take me in time.

87F @ 80% humidity and it feels lousy. Not sure how far since 7/26 is my 9th anniversary ride for friend who was killed while bicycling and I have done 100 miles each ride but that is in jeopardy this time also. Have fun if you make the gravel ride. Will be looking for the posting.

You have a lot of centuries as markers for memories. Pretty amazing if nature hadn't dealt you a blow. I wanna be like you when I grow up :) Get whole soon.

Glad you are home safe.

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Dogs are the best! All the best to you sir! Still feeling ok other than a bit warm from the heat?

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My energy level since his treatment has been really bad with all my low hemoglobin and low white cells and low red cells and low platelets but I’m not in a lot of pain or anything and I’m staying cool right now in a bedroom that I kept a wall unit in so I’m OK waiting for the repairman to get here LOL.

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Glad that you are home. Keep us posted.

Welcome home Greatjohn, settle in and get cracking on the next moves. Looking forward to hearing all. ☘️

Best of luck John. Hope the dose of LU-177 was good for some progress despite its toxisity. Get strong now,


St Pete (Red Tide over here🤬)

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Thanks Mike

Glad you got home safe ! Bet sparky won't let you or your Husband out of his sight. Take care xxx

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He’s been beside me staring at my face or kissing me the whole time since I got home! It feels so good!

So let's hear about your fine dining experiences on the way home. Did you listen to Supertramp and take the long way home?

We were really not in a big eating mood coming in. My favorite meal coming home was at a waffle house in North Florida. We had breakfast and it was 😋 delicious

Your dog is so cute! Glad to read you are home safe!

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And he knows he is!

That precious face put an automatic smile on my face & in my heart! That's healing vibes right there for sure! Happy you made it back South safely, & looking forward to updates! 🕊️🙏❤️🕯️🐾

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Thanks 🥰

Haha he missed you! The old saying Home is where the heart is, is so true.

Sparky says that next time he gets to go with you😊Glad to hear that you both are back home safely

Welcome home. Nothing like those welcoming kisses. No wonder I didn't see any ice cream stories-you weren't in an eating mood. Well maybe now that you are home you can take Sparky for some well deserved treats.

Honey , I’m home! Welcome home brother. Rest up! ❤️🙏

Glad you made it home safely. That’s one happy adorable pup!!

I have been waiting to learn that you are home and reunited with Sparky. So very sorry to hear about the broken AC. That is so not cool. I'm still rooting for you! Go get 'em!

Stay strong brother and keep us posted!!

Good you made it back and sparky is adorable, who could not love a face like that, my pets are my support team.

Welcome home!!!

God bless, take care . Your little dog so cute stay positive it's even been extremely hot in England. Sheila Fxx

Great to see, and I'm so sorry it hasn't worked as well as you'd hoped. We got a Romanian Rescue Dog almost a year ago. I was a lifelong dog-hater until Ruby came into our lives. Now, I couldn;t imagine life without her

Ruby the wonder dog...Winner Loveliest Lady Category Weeton Show July 2021

Ruby is beautiful and I can see why she changed your heart! What a face!

She's gotten a little older, and a little bolder since that photo. But she's clearly still attractive as this current photo shows.... moments after winning Loveliest Lady in a local (I mean really local) dog show. If only we could stop her from barking at the cows outside our garden fence....

Ruby the WOnder Dog wins the mighty Weeton Show!

Go Ruby!🥳🥳🥳

That face♥️ He makes the world better♥️May everyday be like the joy you felt when you saw him🙏

I did forget everything for a little while when I first saw him! That was special!

Welcome home and certainly praying you feel better!!! Dogs are the best!!!😍😍 I have three of them 2 German Shepard’s and a Cocker!!! My babies!!! 😍😍😍

There's no place like home with your doggie--even without central air in Florida.

Glad your home safe, I don’t think I could be away from my puppy that long. Hope your results are good 🙏🙏

I only came home once in the middle for about four days to visit with him🥰

Home is where your dog 🐶 is ❤️Wishing you lots of love and comfort!

Glad you're home. Obviously Sparky misses you. Thank God for the window air conditioner. Got a feeling you'll be getting better soon..

Glad it was a safe drive and your home. Best of luck with rest of your fight.

Not ONLY is Sparky giving you 1000 kisses I can see and feel everyone on this forum doing the same with their affection and caring for you. You truly are a GREAT man our hearts don't lie.

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Thank you for your amazing kind words!

Glad you made it home safe. Long trip when not feeling well

Yes it was

Hope your cool air is working. I came home to an armadillo in my house. Think no cool air would be worse! Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers. Glad your puppy welcomed you home. Take care of yourself.

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Upward and onward 🥳

So happy your home John! I can see Sparky is a little Love Bug! Wishing you all the best and only healing energy!

So glad you're home. Sorry that things didn't work out in Omaha. Keep up the positive attitude and enjoy every sandwich. God Bless!

That’s a great picture of Sparky John. If Willy, the giant drooling machine gave me 1000 kisses I’d need a snorkel to survive. Best wishes

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Sparky is a great kisser, but he tends to want to go for French kissing most of the time so I have to keep my lips really tight LOL!

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Welcome Home!!! Pets truly are part of the family. Hopefully you will find the proper treatment as the fight continues. We are with you!

Sparky seemed to be saying "is that really you, you have been gone forever? Enjoy the 1000 kisses. Welcome home.

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He is staying very close to me

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Does he like your Hubby as much as you? Saffron is definitely partial to me but she considers Steve as an important pack member and I am pretty sure she will do OK without me. She will get fat and lazy without the bike rides.

Glad to know you had a safe trip and Sparky still loves you. Welcome home, John. Anything let us know.

So glad you are home.

Glad to see that you had a furry little angel to welcome you home. I hope you do well.

What a wonderful pal to have….so much love.🐕❤️

Glad you are home safe I’m apparently just one of many hoping and rooting for you, best wishes!

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Thank you so much for your kind words and also who is that little cutie in your lap in your profile picture? Looks like a sweetheart!

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That is my little rescue Gemma

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And what a princess she is!

Welcome Home GreatJohn🌻

Love the baby on top of you🙂🙂🙂

Good for you John, I'm sorry the overall plan didn't go well, but keep praying brother for the Lord's intervention. I am for all of us. I find my self getting closer to people than I probably did before since this thing landed on me but one thing, I have gotten to seek the face of God alot more. That is a personal thing for all of us, I know and not so much for others. I am glad for you to be home with loved ones, enjoy brother Randy

Thanks 😊

Good day. What treatment have they suggested going forward.

When we can get my blood work looking better, My oncologist and two other doctors also concurred that I should start back on chemo.

I am sorry the Lu177 didn't work. I admire your courage to try and to stop. I am sure your pup is great medicine! Best of luck.

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Glad your back John, please keep me abreast of your hopefull future PSA reduction - I get my second test results this week again kindest Raoul

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thanks so much Raoul & how are you doing these days? Your profile always hits me hard to read...because I am at the point where my marrow is NOT working and requires transfusions. I go for bloodwork tomorrow...I'm feeling the shortness of breath and pain in my chest already...so I know I am low.big hugs,


Sorry John the surgeon I saw is brutally frank and very honest - being an ex soldier I appreciate a straight answer which sometimes is hard to accept but as they say is reality - I will want you to tell me your next treatment is taking your PSA down - Im with you every step of the way John - im in your tracks. Kindest Raoul

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Big hugs

Good luck brother

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