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Lu-177 waiting for treatment...

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My husband Rudy and I have been in Phoenix the last 2 months waiting for Lu-177. Dr. Wang at Dignity health (Community care referral VA) thought it would arrive in October. My husband and a few others are at the top of the list. Just Friday he said it would not happen before Thanksgiving so we are going home and then off to Cancun for Thanksgiving with the family. He is stable on Zytiga and prednisone at the moment and feels comfortable with us sending labs from Mexico . We don't want to lose our place on the list here in Phoenix but am wondering if anyone has been getting Lu-177 through the VA in San Diego. We also have a daughter in San Diego and it is much closer to home. Blessings to all. Tulum, Riviera Maya.. We finished building our home so it's exciting to go home. Each day is a blessing.

14 Replies
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Wonderful QoL (Quality of Life) pic!!

I hope that the Lu-177 supply chain issue gets resolves, as their are many awaiting that new therapy.

My best to you both on your PCa Camino (Journey)

Fight on


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My husband and I went to UCLA yesterday. Same thing waiting. His psa its already at 10.88 so most likely he'll be back on Lupron again! Before Lu177 We love Cancun! Enjoying it! You are not alone🙏🏖

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Karirudy in reply to Chiquis

Thank you. It helps to know we aren't..

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A month ago I spoke with someone at Novartis, the maker of Pluvicto. I was told that they continue to supply those cancer center locations that have been using it in previous clinical trial work, but still do not have sufficient supply to provide new locations.

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Karirudy in reply to HopingForTheBest1

Thank you. This info makes the decision to wait at home easier. 🏡

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Glad your finished building your new home, and hopefully Rudy gets the Lu177 very soon. Also glad your taking the time to enjoy fun time.

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You guys are some good looking people :)

> He is stable on Zytiga and prednisone at the moment

Curious . Is he getting lu177 under a clinical trial for patients before progression on those .

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docetoxel supposedly didn't work (that's when we referred to Dignity cancer center. My husband has extensive mets and very aggressive cancer. But no he isn't in a clinical trial. Also it gets harder to do the travel that we've been doing for 4 years.

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You are both beautiful and I am praying for your husband's health. I am going with my father and mother tomorrow to the specialist that is recommending the Lu-177, here in Michigan. I hope it is available soon. My dad has had aggressive cancer for 14 years and lives a very full ad driven life with a massive will to live. They just got back from Ireland AND had covid and he is still doing a LOT and they just bought a condo in Sarasota that they have basically gutted and redecorated at 86 and 87 years YOUNG!Praying for us all.

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Cancun sounds like a QOL dream trip… especially with family. I hope you get the LU-177 soon, report back and keep us posted.

Best wishes ❤️❤️❤️

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Maybe planning a European Medical Vacation might short cut the access issue here, check with some of those COE's there to see if the LU-177 treatment is available, ie, Germany, etc

Anyways, definitely enjoy your Margaritas and Sun & Sand!!!

Best Regards

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Glad to see you are not letting PCa get in the way of a great QOL, keep the beautiful pics of your journeys coming.

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My Oncologist is on the Committee that manages new treatments like this nationally. He said a year and half ago I would get it on September of 2021. September 2022 he said due to new regulations I was not eligible for the treatment and must go back on a new iteration Xtandi , Nubeqa, that supposedly has milder side effects. that turned out to be true and we will see in December of my PSA has gone down. I was also at the "head of the list"................My stage IV terminal diagnosis was in December 1999. I believed I had a chance after 23 years for a CURE. Moderate your expectations for this treatment or it could become a very difficult disappointment to handle. Best of luck and stay strong

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thank you

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