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4 am fighting with Wonderwoman for the remote and a equal amount of the blanket

My warrior princess can fight put me in a headlock I had to remind her of my mets that's what I do when she,s winning lol

If i knew intimacy was this magical would have stopped having sex years ago

A movie and popcorn in bed with wonderwoman is such a treat

Last night I noticed for the 1st time in 14 years

I can talk to her when she in a stage of sleep where is is unconscious yet somehow cognicent

I had a full blown conversation and she was sleeping lol

Hey Sonia who do you love ?

Denver ,Denver Denver

Who is Denver ?

That idiot he makes me laugh

Try it guys lol

Love you all

As for me and Wonderwoman have a great weekend

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Not sure I understand your post, but I can reply as a spouse of a man going through this. Life is not the same, but when you love your spouse so much, a mere touch or a hug means as much as sex ever did.

Wonderwoman is my wife it was my attempt to humor you


Sorry if I didn’t get the humor. I apologize,

George71 in reply to Loves2golf

I took your comment to be very positive - you were making the same good point as Bodysculpture did in his post -- it's all good

So do I

Wishing you all the best

One love

I’ve got a wonder woman too. She runs circles around me. . Her with great health and high energy . Me limping along beside her . Im happy that I have this ,not her and that she has fine health .. I can take it ...I give thanks for her .status . 🙏🏼

Some of us are fortunate to have wives that care

Wishing you all the best my brother

I feel for those that dont have anyone? We must count our blessings and not add up our losses . Sharing any intimacy makes life worth it . Keep that alive! I was a bachelor for so long. God gave me this love when I needed it the most . .we will fight to survive !

MSTI in reply to Whimpy-p

I've got a wonder woman too.

Forty years really together .

A long time ago as she was asleep, I held my hand on her breasts and asked Him to spare her, and if anything is going on, to use my hand to transfer it to me.

Hi did it (just kidding) and I am grateful on that, although it may be selfish because

I think that DX, biopsy, RP, EBRT....was harder for her then for me.

Cheers to all wonderwomen and Whimpy the man too.

dublin1717 in reply to MSTI

That’s so sweet. Tear in my eye here.

Bodysculpture in reply to MSTI

Without our loving wives heaven knows how we would deal with this disease

Kiss an Angel good morning

And love her like the devil when you get back home lol

Peace to Wonderwoman and Denver !✌️

Thanks Whimpy

Your working out and positive attitude serve you well my friend ..✌️😎

That's funny -- good stuff

Good stuff, black humor not everyone gets it.

My Wife is funny, even when I'm hurting she can make me laugh.

That is an amazing quality in a woman

The ability to make us laugh when everything is going to put lol

With love , we can endure mucho . 💔👍

Great that you’re having such a wonderful sleep induced intimacy, will try it with my wifey. But the only problem here is I always doze off first...😊

Take care and don’t forget to sleep too...❤️



Bodysculpture in reply to Haniff

Yes you should timing is important lol

Haniff in reply to Bodysculpture

Yeah Bro...agreed


Women are always right, that's why we treasure them so much 😉 laughter is by far the best medicine.

Stay happy Denver and Sonia, there are many years ahead of you 👫.


Thank you Phil

Still loving life and the small things I took for granted

A good wife brings power to any relationship

I take her with me whenever I speak to my oncologist

She challenges him in ways I cant

She also hears things I dont

The wives and daughters on here are amazing

Sime stay with us long after thier husband or dad passed just to give and lend support

I have met some very empowered daughter wives and sons

I believe our support system is a key to our purpose

My Wonderwoman always pushes me to be my best without limitation

Thank god for the powerfull wives that being a whole new perspective to this disease

Reaching out for the man they love

Despite the fear depression and anxiety they are faced with

They take yours as well

Bless them

Amen x 10^9!

Another tear. So true. Amen..

Almost heaven.....

Bodysculpture in reply to ck722

Almost lol

You got a unique writing style for sure. Great piece. We are blessed with Wonder spouses for sure. Your post reminded me how grateful I should be for Helen's resiliency and sense of humor....Thanks

Bodysculpture in reply to No17

You are very wellcome

Do you remember when you were a kid and some summer morning waking up early, getting dressed and going outside on your own to watch the sunrise. Hearing the birds waken and feeling your surroundings going from dark to light. .... that it’s going to be a great day full of all kind of possibilities?

That's how my wife makes me feel when I greet her every morning. She's always cheerful and full of life and all it’s possibilities. No matter how bad I feel or how low I might be, she takes it all away and gives me the strength to carry on. I call her my secret weapon which she truly is. Love can concur a lot including the ravages of Pc. We can all get by with a little help from our friends and loving spouses. Peace brothers. ✌️✌️💪💪🌈🌈♥️♥️

Our wives actually make us forget for a while we do have PC .

Some days she makes me laugh til my ribs hurt

Maybe god in his wisdom gave us these wonderful wives knowing what we would have to face in the future

Bless Stevana


My wife is the love of my life ❤ I shudder to think what my journey fighting the Beast would be without her. For us Brothers who are fortunate enough to have a significant other in our lives God Bless you and them. Leo

Treasure the time you have together

Make every day count

Whimpy-p in reply to leo2634

I wouldn’t be here without her. 😎

Let's change that you are here because of her lol

Whimpy you definately got yourself a Wonderwoman

Thank you for your beautiful post and insight and starting this thread that made my day. I have a wonderful woman who loves me forever. But sometimes she forgets and I get Spiderwoman. Must be very careful not to get stung. Must approach just right and sometimes wait to go for a hug. No one I’d rather be with for all the days and nights of my life.

I appreciate and love my wonder woman. I would be lost without her.

CANCER.......everyone is so scared of that word.......I have never been so intimate with my princess....thanks to 🖕🏼you cancer!!!...nanna nanna boo Fker

Exactly Dean

I love her now more than ever

Her love has been tested

She passed 110%

I am convinced our wives were chosen knowing what lay ahead

Thank you Dean

Your words are so appropriate

No one can ever tell me I am unlucky

I am one of the luckiest men on the planet

I married Wonderwoman

Good news is she has many sisters

Dean your wife and mine may be sisters

You have a lovely way of writing those words. Sitting here with Dave laughing.

There’s no doubt since pc jumped into our lives the intimacy has grown. Although, I’m the one asking the questions, doing the research, trying to change his diet, trying to get him to work less, go for walks, lift weights, play with the kids and loving him as intensely as I can. I’m very blessed to have met my true love. We look around at so many unhappy couples and what we have is and has been for 27 years a very special love.

We laugh a lot.

Thank you for your post. ☘️

Bless Dublin

Okay already... So tell us what did she do with her magic lasso?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 09/21/2020 10:58 PM DST

Haha Haha

If I told you

I would have to shoot you lol

Not a bad idea.... when? (promises promises all I get is promises)....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 09/21/2020 2:47 PM DST

Great sense of humour👍🏻 Brought a big smile to this old kisser😉. And we can all use a good laugh EH? Have you tried arm wrestling?😂. God Bless you and Wonder woman🙏🏻

Thank you Bunkerboy

Luck to you both! I Wonder where my Woman went. Hasn't touched me in over 20 years.

I wrote this while trying to get to sleep, praying for just a touch, anything, years ago.


I wonder if my lover ever

Sees me quite the same;

Does she wonder if I'll be there when she stops and

Calls my name?

Do her hands feel a difference as they

Wander all about,

Try to feel the changes

That the Cancer brings about?

I Wonder if she lies in bed

Listening to every breath,

Trying to hold the minutes,

Pondering my death.

I Wonder if I asked her

What she wonders of

These days, if she'd tell me

Of the things she thinks,

And if The Wonder stayed.

I Wonder ...


Yet sad

Hopefully there are many things in life you still enjoy

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