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What are your experiences with medicinal marijuana?

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Hey guys I am new here. I was diagnosed Stage 4 here in Thailand almost 3 years ago. I'm going home to Florida at the end of July to continue treatments there.

Since my home state of FloriDUH has medical marijuana, I was wondering what people's experience with it was other than the obvious feeling of awesomeness haha. I know it takes away the pain and sickness from chemo but has it assisted with other maintenance therapies?

Honestly in my mind, I'm not expecting a cure, I'd be happy to maintain it for the next 40 years of my life since I was diagnosed at 42.

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I have used CBD oil for pain with some success. I would not dismiss it.

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Hello FinalBossMatt, Welcome to the forum, it is an impressive site for information and camaraderie among other things. My own experience with medical marijuana and CBD oil was due to my pain and inability to sleep. Dd not want to do opioids which were suggested for my pain and asked about medical marijuana. Was referred to a palliative doctor who counseled me throughout. I had no experience with marijuana before this, so it took me awhile to figure out which ratios worked best and how much CBD oil to take. I preferred vaping, and found that for pain a ratio of high CBD to THC worked for me. The vaping offered immediate and about two-hour relief which was all I needed most times. For my insomnia, CBD oil (sublingual), and on occasion vaping a ration of high THC to CBD, worked for me. I did not feel high, but taking away my pain and providing me with sleep was critical for my well-being. After two years of intermittent use, I have stopped using it because pain and insomnia are mostly gone.

It has worked well for me as far as pain reduction and as a sleep aid. I prefer the whole flower as it occurs naturally. It can be injested in small amounts, you don't have to smoke it.

The best strains for cancer are the Indica strains, although some of the Indica heavy "hybrid" strains are also good. The Indica strains work almost entirely on the body so there's no "high" part to it. Generally, I'm fairly high naturally so I don't need the cannabis high. You do have to be aware of getting "couch locked" with Indica heavy strains so they are generally best used toward the evening.

I have also used the Sativa strains for those times when I'm depressed and need a little boost. I do that sparingly as I don't want to build up a tolerance and/or dependence.

A good source for where dispensaries are located is Weedmaps.com

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I have to admit, I laughed at the "couch locked." A friend of mine's mom took some CBD/THC oil here in Bangkok Thailand and she was bed locked for a day hahaha. I told him I bet she was a "hoot." She didn't want to take it again though.

I read up on the strain sold locally back home, and some of them were interesting, especially strains for energy haha.

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Yeah, I've had a similar experience with a heavy Indica strain. But wow, I really slept like a baby. Felt like my whole body was being massaged.

They say the way you remember it is Indica means "In-da-couch".

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I use it to improve my appetite and with sleep. I eat part of a gummy for appetite and a thc spray under the tongue for sleep. Overall it helps.

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It can help with pain and appetite.

40 is too young my friend. I’m very sorry that you got hit so very young. Travesty . I went on a holistic lifestyle and diet plan . This includes a daily maintanence dose of RSO= high thc Canaby oil. I ve been in remission over four years . I don’t plan to stop the Rso ever . Welcome to Florida . Do whatever you feel best to heal yourself young man . My heart goes out to you in the arduous journey . Peace Scott 🌵

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I'm not in Florida yet and yeah getting diagnosed a month before my 42nd birthday was rough. but I've been pretty fortunate to be pain free most of the time after the first treatment. It sucks my hormone medication doesn't go on for a full 2 years before having to rotate it.

I assume RSO is Rick Simpson oil? I definitely want to look into it. It's 3am right now on the other side of the pond. I have some reading to do for tomorrow. :)

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In Floridddda...lot of smart people swear that weed helps them to relax and sleep better.

Weed is a trendy fashion at present.

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If you'll be near Venice check out the Compassionate Cannabis Clinic.

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You didn't mention whether you are smoking it vaping it or putting the paste under your tongue

The group encouraged me to vape and that's what I am doing now

It definitely helped me through my treatments

I was discouraged smoking it the regular way

With a bit of tobacco

I noticed a difference since I changed from smoking to vaping

My lungs are grateful as well.

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FinalBossMatt in reply to Bodysculpture

Oh I was planning on just taking the oil, although vaping might be a thing.

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A best friend of mine grew some Sativa low yield cannabis in 2014-2015, and I got 22ml of oil extracted after mashing up the crop yield and using a solvent to get oil out. To get a good 4 hour high, I only needed 2mgs, enough to cover the head of a pin. ADT was holding down Psa at that time, but reports buzzed around Internet that cannabis cured Pca. Was it true? Well no, not at all true and my Psa continued to slowly rise for 8 months despite taking the oil each night. I used about half of the oil, about 11ml of 22ml total. There was no paranoia, no addiction, and no withdrawal trouble at end of 8 months when I figured it was useless against my Pca.

Ppl said if I took enough to get a good high, it was enough. Sativa is low THC, and high CBD content. I suggest nobody have anything to do with Indica that has been selectively bred up since 1980s to have 10 times the yield I got and with high THC and low CBD, because this Indica often grown in grow houses with hydroponics has been main variety use by criminals to get rich fast, and they dilute their oil by 1/1,000, but it still gives a good high, and a little bottle costs $5,000, and just one good crop makes enough to buy a house. The Indica causes mental problems in young ppl, and does adults no good at all, and high is not a good high.

Now that legal Sativa cannabis is available, there have been no reports that it cures Pca. It can be good for epilepsy and other mental conditions, and maybe for better appetite, to lessen nausea, maybe lessen pain.

Patrick Turner.

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Cannabis has saved my life, I do not go anywhere without my Dynavap, or a joint. I am smoking a joint right now and having my morning coffee.

The side effects of Zytiga, Lupron and my type of PCa cancer was just to much for my body.

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Hahah😂😂 ☕️

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I grew my own plants and made my own "FECO or RSO" oil. After an RP my PSA was stable at .023 for 1-1/2 years until I went on vacation. We were crossing state lines so I stopped taking it for a month. PSA went up from .023 to .028, then .039. I take my oil rectally to avoid the high. Now I am on week 2 of SRT.

I think the cannabis possibly held my PSA stable . How long this would continue is unknown but my PSA did rise at the same time I stopped taking it. Coincidence? perhaps.

Cannabis does show some ability to control progression but as for a cure, no evidence as of yet.

I use it now for sleep.

It is criminal that cannabis is not studied aggressively as it might be a possible assist in controlling disease progression.

For peace of mind I have Jesus. For me death has no sting and this makes me strong and happy.


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Praise Jesus Christ !

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RSO Rick Simpson Oil with high THC content is the way to go if you are able to get the real RSO. I will be 84 next August and have had PC for the last 24 years. Back 5 years I have used RSO and it worked almost one year while I have been able to get the real RSO. However, here in Europe, I have not been able to go on with the treatment and have been scamed several times in trying to get the RSO . I have donne the treatment RECTALY and this way there are no problems at all. Find a marijuana Doctor and go on. Do not buy Cannabis Oil on line, you will be scamed.

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Great advice

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I have the old good news / bad news to deliver.

Medical cannabis does not cure PCa (bad)

Medical cannabis can help with some issues / side effects (good).

More research is needed to prove otherwise. The only thing that I've read that connected to cancer involved its ability to stop tumor blood supplies from setting up shop - although more was needed to solidify the prospects. The more you read, the larger the discussion gets.

There's something there, but you can't bank on it - yet. The genetics are key and 'pot' ain't just 'weed' for those that know so much more ....

CBD tinctures / oils/ edibles help manage chronic pain.

THC tinctures / oils / edibles help manage chronic pain, insomnia and appetitie.

Combinations of the two also offer similar benefits.

The genetics of the strain(s) make all the difference.

I am a licensed medical cannabis patient in Canada.

I grow my own and have focused on HI CBD strains to help me.

The THC strains that I have grown (an experiment in progress) are used for insomnia.

I haven't found the right one yet for consistent insomnia relief - it takes about 6 months in cycles to source, grow and test new ones AND you need to get quality seeds from a few reliable sources - not the dealer or generic pot-shop next door.

I don't smoke anything (other than to test it), so vaping is better - but ingestion is best .

You have little to lose, so why not ?

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Why not?

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vivamais7 in reply to RonnyBaby

There are many naysayers in which regards marijuana oil. I am the living proof that RSO really works: I have a CAP Scan, BEFORE RSO treatment, with a prostate with 58 grs. and a Cancer; the CAP Scan AFTER RSO Treatment, about 3 months later, shows a result of a prostate with 18 grs. and NO CANCER. I can send these proofs to anyone who sends me an e.mail contact. They are in Portuguese because I dont' risk a translation in a Medical Document.

Now I am trying Fenbendazole and Indole 3 Carbinol (Very Important) and if these fail I will go to a State in USA where I can get the real RSO, because I know by experience that it really works.

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RonnyBaby in reply to vivamais7

I know someone personally who has managed to stave off (delay progress) lung cancer.

She did the RSO concept (their own strains were selected) and she has not been cured, but has managed to keep it at bay - at least for now.

She has done this twice - with the same result.

I became a cannabis patient when I got my Dx. That was 3 years ago.

I'm still a PCa patient and my cancer is still present (as far as I know) due to some

third party blood work checking for CTCs.

What I don't know is 'my cancer going to get worse / progress to another phase in staging' ?

IF I had to wager, I would say yes.

I could do the RSO protocol, but I cant see myself doing it - far too impairing for me, but the anal route might be something I could investigate. You wouldn't be the first one to point that out.

I salute your success to date and really hope it continues. I'd like to consult your profile / PCa journey to read more.

Please keep us posted as you see fit ......

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vivamais7 in reply to RonnyBaby

I have not accepted RP I consider a barbaric practice and decided to fight as long as possible to keep my prostate. For 17+ years I have been on "Wait and see" with Dr's Matthias Rath therapy (Mega dose Vit.C + aminoacids) and the PCa only showed (with metastasis) when I reduced Vitamin C from 5grs. /day to 2grs/day because my Urologist decided that was the solution to stop my kidney stones.

Even while on Radiotherapy I decided to try RSO: 1)began ingesting but, even a small dosis, made me see terrible things like strange figures and human faces _ that was not for me; 2) so I went on using suppositories rectally. The first week 0.1 gr. 3 times a day: 8 am; 4 pm and 12 pm; in the weeks that followed I dobled dosage till 1.2 grs/day. When I confirmed there was no more PCa and PSA was in the range of 0.21-0.24 I reduced dosage to 0.13 gr. once a day to get in 4 grs/month. That's it, RSO is not the Cure, you have to go on with a maintenance dose but living a good life on the condition you are careful with what you eat and drink (no tobaco). It worked for me as long as I have been able to get the real RSO with THC content of about 80%.

Now I am trying Fenbendazole Protocol and INDOLE 3 CARBINOL. Try to educate yourself on this - it may change everything we know about treating PCa.

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RonnyBaby in reply to vivamais7

I appreciate the extra commentary.

I'll do some more research.

Looks like I'm heading towards Casodex monotherapy, based on my rising numbers and consultation with my RO.

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Thanks for all the awesome responses so far.

Again, I'm not expecting a cure, I'd just be happy for maintenance.

I've seen some of you talking about taking it "rectally." Is that a "suppository" or however it's spelled?

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CBD oil did coincidentally began to help with chronic metastatic pain. I took sublingually using tincture drops on 1/2 oyster cracker under tongue. Started around 200mg per day now a year later down to 20mg as pain diminished.

In MY case I also found that 40mg THC in 5mg lozenges helped with specific head pain. Now only use as needed for same.

There are no valid scientific studies. So buyer beware.

I get CBD oil in Olive oil online. No real problems. I found CBD in coconut or other oils in high concentrations tends to separate back out and had to reheat in water every time I scheduled a dose. (6hrs)

I felt that both helped chronic pain and lack of sleep. That's all.

I work hard at minimizing all pain drugs at all times. Tolerable pain is my daily goal.


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Just back in Canada from three and a half months in Bangkok. You can buy it down in the Arab section. THC in a dropper bottle sells for 1000 Bhat. 3 drops and you'll sleep like a baby. Google it "nearest medical marijuana to me" and you will find it. Several hospitals also supply it.

in reply to Bangkok

🙏peace to you !

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Oil can cause PSA to drop. A friend of mine had a PSA of 10.3 and after 2 months it dropped to 6.2 Perhaps it suppresses T? T was not tested in my case or his.

If anybody here is hoping for cannabis oil to be a cure it is NOT. It can help in a lot of ways but not cure. Follow standard practice and add cannabis in if you like. Stay safe and live long.

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But is TRUE.

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Correcting: I have not ingested; I have used it Rectally and, this way, one can take a gram/day without any problem and for a shorter time to get results. In USA you have Cannabis Doctors that can help.

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Hi... I live in Fla. Have Medical THC card. With our condition, no problem getting a card. Now, there are various options from flowers, ointments, tinctures, vapes, theragels,

pure oil cartridges. No Edibles.

Various degrees of CBD and THC.

I use Sunterra Wellness.

Works for me. GL

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The cost of oil is crazy high. If you can, grow your own. Just like growing tomatoes with a few do's and dont's added in. Same for making the oil. It is all on the web. Baby plants are $16.00 each locally. They do sell out in 4 hours.

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I'm waiting for them to put it chocolate chip ice cream (two scoops)...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 06/02/2020 10:42 PM DST

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I have an issue with depression and I turn to CBD to relax me do recommend the CBD flowers by berkshirecbd.com/cure-your-...

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It really helped me with chemo and for appetite. My RO that thankfully I have not had to use yet prescribes Marinol(synthetic spring it’s legal everywhere) to every patient because he told me you guys don’t eat and then we have an entirely different problem. My immunologists have all told me although it probably won’t cure prostate cancer it is cytotoxic which they believe can at least slow the progression. Only way I sleep well. I don’t smoke it at all anymore but if I can remember where I stashed about 10 grams of 80% oil I will start taking it again at night. Don’t stash it while you’re feeling it. I spaced out where I left it!! LOL

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