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Some tips to get my attention on this forum


I'm laid up in bed today with the most common coronavirus (i.e., a cold - but it sounds so much more dramatic to call it a coronavirus these days). Because my brain is foggy from cold meds, I can't concentrate enough to write, and I certainly can't go out in public. So I was looking at some old threads and some of the replies from others. I found (to no one's surprise) that there was a lot of good information, and also a lot of well-meaning misinformation. I also noticed that sometimes the OP responded to me, but did not hit the reply button, so I never saw the reply. I am humbled by the number of followers I have on this forum, and I try hard not to abuse that trust. I want to reach out to as many as I can.

•I try to get through as many new posts as I can to which I feel I have something to offer. I usually spend about 3-4 hours a day on this. I am often as brief as possible in my replies, especially is I am on my iPhone at Starbucks. It is easier to supply references, including articles I've already written on appropriate subjects.

• I do not read the responses of other people on this forum, unless they respond to me directly. I could spend all day qualifying or correcting posts, and I just don't have the time. This forum is huge and active (much bigger than others I've been on). This also means that I may be duplicating exactly what others have said.

• I do not usually read posts about new studies. I'm probably already aware of them, at least the ones that matter. I also don't think it serves a useful purpose to quote a whole abstract that can be read more easily on a link. I also think it does patients a disservice to quote a study without assessing the quality of that evidence. I do recognize that those who quote abstracts are trying to give others hope. But over time, it only adds to the confusion. Every day, I see 30 or so such studies, most of which are irrelevant to patients.

• I save my responses to long posts for last. I can check the profile for the background info, so it helps if the profile is complete and updated.

• I am here to help people, so I am more apt to respond if there is an actual question about therapy or support.

So, if you want my attention. it has got to land in my inbox. That will happen:

• the first time you start a thread

• if you hit the reply button after I respond

• if you private message me

I hope this didn't come across as conceited - I actually think I don't know a lot more than I know. I've been blessed to meet many amazing doctors, who always add to my knowledge. I've even been more blessed to meet many patients who have graciously allowed me to play some role in their prostate cancer journey. I continue to learn even more from them.

- Allen

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Thank you for all that you do TA! You have helped me during these very difficult times. Hope you feel better soon.

Allen, The work you do here is incredibly helpful to so many. It does not surprise me that you spend 3 to 4 hours a day answering questions. Add in all your research time and this is virtually a full time job. You have been amazingly helpful on my own journey via both our public and private communications.

You will never know just how much you’ve helped many of us but on behalf of the group, you have our heartfelt appreciation!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hope you have the time and strength to keep up your good work.

And thanks to all the others here that try and help their PC brothers. It truly restores my faith in the human condition.


Get well soon T_A ! We need you around !

Thanks for all the time you invest.

And yes you are a bit arrogant, but you are entitled to be arrogant for the quality of your contributions. Because you are willing and able to keep up with the literature, I think I trust a lot of your opinion more than that of most Docs, on this particular subject matter.

Thanks again.

Feel better TA

Thank you for all you do TA! You have been incredibly helpful on this journey. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Thanks Allen! I appreciate all you do for some many including me.

Thanks for doing what you do!

Hope you feel better soon!

W go back at least three years, Allen. I have great confidence in both your knowledge and judgement. I put the highest value in your council. There is no doubt you have reduced the anxiety and suffering of many and dramatically improved the quality of life for even more.

Thank you for all the work you do to help us, and your dedication in making critical data easily available. For all you do, you deserve to be a bit arrogant ;-)

Now get some chicken soup, hot tea with honey and go to bed.

Sending a virtual box of Kleenex wherever you are, TA.

Thanks for your efforts and get well soon.

Do we want to get better or well?

I take that ? as both. Knowledge is a powerful Medicine TA. You already know that, knowledge factor is huge.

I’m trying too! Better or Well - both!

Thanks my friend.


Well, it would be best if I could feel well, but it would be good if I could feel better. :-)

Yes sir, i just arrived at downtown Indianapolis. 2hrs15m from home Ft Wayne. Tomorrow’s appointment @ IU Simon Cancer Center. The next treatment not really, blood test of course, med changes maybe, LUPRON injection Yes. My mind is feeling like on overload. Must be the Lupron 3rd month in and Zytiga and Prednisone combo. Got to get my mind slowed down. Mind games are terrible SE’s that I never realized would happen on ADT Plus Abiraterone/Pred. Mix. I’m gonna take a mind rest. It that’s allowed.

One of the things I've learned since practicing mindfulness is that the mind is not always one's friend. A racing mind going in non-productive circles has been the most annoying "side effect" of my cancer diagnosis. It's not something I could think my way out of - that only made it worse. It's compounded if you can't sleep because of it.

Can’t sleep much. I’m trying exercises and walks and deep breathing. Driving non-stop to Indianapolis hasn’t helped.

Maybe a counteracting prednisone sleep enhancement Med?

Oh well sleep will come hopefully when it comes.

I do hope you are well by now and always, everyday feeling better and better. "Whatever anyone thinks f you is non of your business". If you are well now stay well.

Thank you for you knowledge Tall Allen from Small Alan

Speedy recovery, I look forward to reading your posts , you are invaluable to this community , be well and many thanks from all of us here ❤️

Good morning TA.

Sorry to hear about your cold... speedy recovery!

You are clearly a leader in this forum and in this field! I am new to this diagnosis (May, 2019) and like others, often look for your posts and replies.

If you have time, and the fog lifts, I wonder if you could post a list (and links) of the studies that you track (I.e. “that matter”) in one place.

Thank you so much for all you do for me and our brothers (and families).

Rich Rad

in reply to Rich_Rad

It's not something I track. There are some that catch my eye - higher levels of evidence, mostly; well-done studies at top institutions; randomized clinical trials (RCTs), especially large and blinded ones; multi-institutional or consortium studies; if not an RCT, some attempt made at simulated randomization; anything with the imprimatur of NRG Oncology, SWOG, NCI, etc. It has to be published in a peer-reviewed journal of good repute. I also safely ignore most press releases, youtube videos, random internet sites, mouse studies, and epidemiological studies. Database studies (e.g., SEER, NCDB, CAPSURE, etc.) are good for some things, terrible for others (because of the limited info they collect).

Thank you TA. Feel better soon. We all depend on you here.


Get well soon TA...Humble advice: Drink some turmeric Milk at night and Ginger tea in the morning. Boosts immunity....But randomised controlled trials yet.

Doc T_A, Are your 'office visits' covered under Medicare💉?

in reply to ronronHU

Yes, they are happy to pay what I bill ($0) :-)

Please get well soon, TA - we need you! Meanwhile, lots of lemon, honey & glycerine hot drinks plus zinc lozenges and garlic if allowed with PCa. Hope you have a kind neighbour/friend nearby.

in reply to Celtic

What are glycerine hot drinks ? Thanks

in reply to Aynoy

Aynoy, lemon, honey and a drop or two of pure glycerine in a glass of hot water can all help to soothe a cough/sore throat, with the glycerine helping to line/moisturise the throat.

in reply to Celtic

Thank you. My friend has throat cancer and this may help him. !

in reply to Aynoy

Can’t believe hearing that sad news about your friend - my friend rang this morning to say her hubby had just been diagnosed with throat cancer and is facing surgery next week. Perhaps wise that your friend checks with a Dr first as to drinking the juice of an acidic fruit like lemon. Very best of luck to both your friend and mine.

Thank you Allen!


I am relatively new on this site and always amazed by the total number of people willing to help others find some direction. PCa has its way of changing everything in a guys life (ie - up at 4:20 am reading these posts). Your a good guy for all that you do... sharing a part of your life with guys you only know from the few words posted here on this site. At times I can tell in the tone of your type that your eyes are rolling but you still pen something in an effort to get us back on track. Thank you!

Get well soon T_A. Your contributions here are immeasurable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many of us on this forum. I have personally benefited from the research you do and your recommendations. Please keep up the great work, and get well soon!

Sincere thanks and appreciation for all you do for us.

Your thoughtful and compassionate help is not taken for granted.

Get well and take care

All the best TA. Get well soon.

Thank you for writing this. You’re such an asset to this forum.

I’ve personally utilized your knowledge so many times and I’m always searching for “what does TA say”. I’m truly grateful that someone who doesn’t know my dad or myself would take the time to respond to my questions.

Here’s your time to rest and relax, so you can get back to Starbucks and your IPhone. :-)


I really appreciate your frank and knowledgeable comments. You are such a positive force on this forum and the time you spend is so generous. And now having discovered your blog, I have so much more reading to do to help understand this journey.

Get well soon, and all the best to you.



Although I am mostly a silent observer in this forum, I have always found your posts extremely helpful and I want to add my thanks to the many others that I see in the comments here. You're doing a very valuable service for hundreds and hundreds of men who struggle to understand the intricacies of this disease.

I hope you have a quick recovery. We value your opinion and sincerely appreciate all the time and effort you give to this forum.


Speedy recovery from Speedyx

Not sure you will read this, but hope you are feeling all the love and appreciation coming at you in response to this post. PC is a dark world, we need lights and on this forum and in your work, you burn very bright. Much thanks to you.

Thanks to all your diligent and informative researching many of us are kept up to speed on this ever changing challenge. Hope you feel better very soon

Thank you for everything that you do. It's is truly invaluable. Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks TA. Get better,

ThankYou for all your time and efforts. Your works helps all of us to better manage and deal with our journeys

How could you possibly catch a cold in sunny Southern California? This seems slightly suspicious to me.

Its a benediction to have someone with your level on insight on medical matters on this forum

I am a big fan of the perspective you bring to this forum. Thank you!

in reply to 8knots

Get well soon TA. You are doing a great job.

Thank you for your valuable information. I appreciate your responses to my many questions and for helping the community.

Thank You So Much. You’ve replied to almost all my posts. It’s extremely helpful. I also read your responses on others queries to gain insight. Get well soon.

Thank you TA for contributing your well researched insights to this forum. Good karma. I could immediately tell that you are one of the most respected people here. Clearly, you don’t suffer (probably well meaning) fools gladly, but it really does help to have a scientific, objective viewpoint to cut through the c**p. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Thank you for all you do TA. Get well soon.

Best Wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

Thanks, TA. these comments from you are very helpful to me and others. Hope you get better soon.

Hope they came up with a new corona virus test kit for you, just in case.

As I understand it, the problem is not just the test kits, but the lack of enough trained lab technicians capable of handling that volume.

First three cases landed in Kansas City today. Going to be a mess.

I also want to thank you for the hours you invest in this forum. I was so confused when I was first diagnosed and desperate for information. I am so grateful to you and the other people posting here for helping me through a difficult part of my life.

You are often the cool head of reason offering some calm in this emotional storm. You always try to chart a middle passage guided by facts and tempered by hopeful reality. I am not a religious man, but I am a spiritual one. I am thankful to know that the best part of humanity exists in people such as yourself.

Allen, Thanks for all you have done and said and helped out with sound advice and guidance, words of wisdom indeed. One day I hope to see you at some conference and shake your hand an air handshake these days. I was going to say hope you are healing well...joking! sorry...just strike that never mind that term, just get better real soon.

Wings aka Dan in soon to be rain covered So Cal -Hemet

Thanks TA, your time and talent is very much appreciated

Thank you for everything and feel better soon ❤

Merci beaucoup ,

Je ne suis pas un membre actif mais je lis tous les jours ce forum d entraide, de conseils et de soutien. Vos post sont courts, précis et m aide à y voir plus clair. Bon rétablissement et si vous voyagez en Europe, welcome at home

Anne Marie

T_A, wishing you a speedy recovery. Thank you for all the work you do! Much appreciated.

Rest, drink liquids, and feel strengthened in the knowledge that so many of us are with you and cherish your support, leadership, and wisdom.

I always look forward to the information you post. You are so thorough and knowledgable! I appreciate that you take your time to learn SO much about this rotten cancer. You have helped me to understand the disease, and you have enabled me to respond to my husband's situation with knowledge and foresight. I hope you feel better soon and have a good day!

This disease comes on sudden to most, and your responses have been quick to educate and calm. I have personally found both wisdom and compassion in your messages. You have been a true inspiration for all of us that live within these pages, myself included. Many thanks TA, and I hope that you feel much better soon! Kind regards.

Hi Tall_Allen

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t have been able to pull out of the doldrums when first diagnosed in 2017 if it was not for your expert advice and all the good brothers in this forum.

Really glad I found this family although I wished it was under a different circumstance.

When someone poses a question here, instinctively I scroll down to read your reply and that of Bro Nalakrats, and for sure everyone else’s. You and all make more sense to me than some of the literature I come across and some of what I hear from my doctors.

Really appreciate your great advice and just ride out the flu bug 😉

My very best to you and thank you for your wisdom. God Bless

Take good care.


Thank you

Wishing you a speedy recovery. I have read through all these comments and I echo all that has been said. Thank you so much for your service and wisdom. I am also really appreciative of your continued reminders on the importance of mindfulness! Namaste 🙏🏻 Janet

Thank you for all you do!

Thanks for all you do Allen!

Your selfless dedication to this forum has been priceless to many.


Thanks for all that you do for this forum. You're very valuous. Hope you feel better soon Tall!!

You and several others on this site are a part of my daily regimen in my ongoing prostate cancer education. Thank you!

Thanks. Speedy recover. I appreciate all that you do for all of us.

Tall_Allen, I am not a regular responder, but a hungry reader of those I respect. You along with narkelrats ( not exactly his handle) I was diagnosed at age 69 and now 77 . Presently on Lupron and Erleda with the usual side effects after proscetomy and Radiation. Last PSA of .10 and .000 three month earlier. Hope the cold is short lived and keep on keeping on we need you. Snoskimobike are Simply The Best!

Thanks for all you do to support those on this forum and for maintaining the highest standards (and holding me to them!) Get well Tall One

Thank you for your advocacy efforts on behalf of everyone on the forum. You,ve inspired me to do the same.

Thanks Allen, You have certainly been an amazing asset and help to me on this journey. Your posts are greatly valued on here. Feel better, for me Chicken soup is still the best remedy for a cold. :)

You have helped me so much, Thank You!

I always appreciate and pay close attention to any post or response from you. You have helped so many of us that are fighting this battle.

I hope you are feeling better soon TA.

I hope you feel better soon! Thank you for your dedication and all your help!

Please please dont get infected because you bring a wealth of information to this wonderful community thereby giving us hope when there seems to be none. And for that, i am truly thankful! Feel better soon 🙏🙏🙏

I am not much for words but just want thank you for helping me and being there . You’re an inspiration my man .

Be well Allen. Always enjoy your straight forward responses.

Your responses are consistently thoughtful and helpful. Thanks for your contributions.

Wow. What a fan club. You are actually the only person I am "following" on this site. But before that inflates your ego, I am sure there are a few who are sticking pins into their little Tall_Allen dolls. You will surely get well better in 7 to 10 days. Enjoy.

I'm better already. I guess all the well-wishing helped! I thought the pain in my back was from laying on my couch too long -- voodoo didn't even cross my mind! I probably should see a shaman. :-)

I admire the reaching out that you do - so many people have been helped by your efforts to educate and/or offer food for thought.

So many people come here out of a sense of fear / panic / desperation and you've given some hope with valuable content / resources and more.

I hope you feel better soon - may God bless ......

Probably a gentle ole rhinovirus that will disappear with plenty of sympathy (that this group is supplying!). Your objectively is valued and is a nice mix with the personal experience generated within our group. Thanks. =Rob.

Get well soon, Allen! Thank you for your dedication, support and wisdom. We learned a great deal from you!

I think I am the 98th responder, so instead of being redundant, all I will say is "ditto"!

We are blessed to have you and I appreciate your help very very much! Get well Soon!

I am glad you're better! I hope you are well now Allan.


Wish you get well soon. I do appreciate the helps you do for the members in this forum including myself.

Feel better. God placed an individual like you here to help clarify for us what the studies say that we all don’t necessarily understand or create confusion. Thank you! Be blessed!!

You probably won’t read this 😉 but thank you!

Whenever I start a thread, all responses arrive in my inbox. You’re welcome!

Don't be a cheap prick go out and buy a great book "Thaw's Hammer" and maybe reading instead of writing may do you a world of good. Get Well....

And I don't care if you read this.....because I didn't write this......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 03/12/2020 12:42 AM EDT

Feel better thank you

Sorry to hear you have succumbed to the dreaded cold bug.Hope you are feeling better today. Get well soon


Get better!!

1,000 thank yous to you Tall_Allen, you have helped me immensely!

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