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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Dr. Sartor video - Treatment Update



Oliver Sartor and Charles Ryan discuss radioligand therapy, differentiating radioisotopes by properties and clinical application. They move to review the PSMA targeted agents and the clinical use of these agents in treatment of prostate cancer.

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Thanks for this. Currently waiting for Lu177 617.. I wonder what it costs in USA. Its 8000eu in Heidelberg.,3 radioactive treatments 2 months apart each. I am sooo needing this right now(hopefully 1-2 weeks) . Dealing with worsening pain/mobility spinal issues. Skeleton black on PSMA scan from mets.. The results from this therapy are very impressive. Have a Far Infrared Sauna dome at home with Promolife Ozone generator and PEMF. On high dose daiky steroids and pan killers. Wish me luck! Merry Christmas / Haloy Holidays everyone! ❤️🌲❤️🌲

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Probably best to try to get into a trial in the US, there are several going on. Wish you the best.

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