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Food, fitness, and fatigue

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Going for round 3 of chemo. Pretty positive about it but the few snags I have ran into are: Food. We have been a fast food couple for some time. What we need to be is a healthy food couple. I am looking for the silver bullet plan that tells me what to make and what to buy every week, or a month. Once we have it figured out we'll by-pass the Whooper (soooo good, and yet soooooo bad). Fitness: I look at my small set of free weights and figure that's a workout. Do walks but that's no where near enough. Think I have help there as my center has booked me time with a physical therapist. Come here green weights, daddy has some work for you. Fatigue, and I'll tie that in with anxiety. Both hit in waves. Still chalk it up to my DX being only 2 months ago, but sorting it out is getting to be a daily ordeal.

So, kind words, advise, kick in the butts accepted. I take what you post here more to heart . Am so grateful that you share so much.

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You will get a bewildering range of advice.

The Mediterranean diet has proven heart benefit, & men with PCa have a greater risk of CVD. Dr. Myers recommended it to his patients & even produced a recipe book:

But any Med diet book will do IMO.

Note that the Med diet is 40% fat. There is no low fat version.

Dr. Myers reported that his low-fat patients didn't do well.


Here is a link to a diet and prostate cancer guide from UCSF:

It is not the kind of detailed, day-to-day guide you are looking for, but still it has a lot of good information and is fairly detailed.

Diet is important, and I myself have gone from a healthy eater to an obsessively healthy eater. But I did 10 rounds of chemo and during I had to pick my battles with food. Survive for now and get serious with food when you have your feet under you. Some of the key nutrition suggestions for PCa are counter productive during chemo. For examples fresh salad can be dangerous with low immune system during your nadir. And antioxidants like blueberries can actually protect the cancer you are trying to kill. When you finish chemo clean up the diet. For now eat what you can to make it through.

I found that symptoms show up later as well. I eat smaller meals more often, have had to cut out alcohol and spicey foods. No fast food. Little things matter.

Healthy diet, proper exercise, and sound mind.

I think Mediterranean diet is perfectly fine. I have switched my diet to become a pescatarian and it feels great (very similar to the Med diet).

Do not skim on exercise. You need cardio and resistance training several times a week. Consider it a prescription. I do swimming twice a week, cardio and weight training twice a week, and yoga once a week. I would recommend doing AT LEAST three days of workout. There's a clinical trial looking into quantifying its effects.

The toughest part is to get your head straight. Comes with practice and patience. I have been using Headspace and I do like it.

All small little changes in your lifestyle, but I believe they go a long way battling the disease.

I changed my diet almost completely when I was diagnosed stage4 metastatic apc , was a strict vegan for almost two years, now I cheat alittle but still no red meat. I believe the simpler the food is the easier our bodies know how to process it, the more something is refined made complex our body doesn’t know what to do with it and it ends up being stored as fat. I used to get heartburn 2 3 times a week, have not had it once in three years now! I still enjoy my adult beverages and cheat by eating fish and chicken but I love to cook, so it’s been a challenge, but there are ways to cook very healthy and still have great flavors. I find pasta made from bean flour, especially chick pea flour, to be my favorite, you can do a lot with it, just don’t overlook it, or it gets mushy. I also make Pizza dough with it and use alittle skim milk mozzarella and sometimes faux cheeses. But I know dairy is not vegan, but that is the only dairy I use. There’s a lot on you tube, and more and more companies are making organic pasta out of bean flours, just stay away from soybean flour, loaded with pesticides, and if you do cheat with dairy go for imported.

I'm not sure where you are located but you could always try one of the home meal delivery options like Green Chef or Purole Carrot. My husband went healthy vegan at diagnosis (lots if bad foods are oreos- he is a plant based only vegan). I did one of those a couple times a week with the vegan option (we don't do tofu either so I would check and switch meals sometimes). It helped me learn some tricks and ingredients that were healthier and I had a "map" to follow!

"I take what you post here more to heart."

Get arrested, go into the joint. You'll work out all you want lifting weights (plenty of company too). You won't eat the chow cause it will suck (opps bad word to use), therefore you will only eat vegetables which will be a sort of an in house Mediterranean diet. You'll get a lot of exercise running away from Big Bubba and his boys and you'll be able to keep track of your PSA numbers with your tattoos.

FYI Don't respond if Big Bubba asks you if you want to be the husband or you want to be the wife?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 12/11/2018 9:19 PM EST

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Like every other treatment, diet may help some people and do nothing for others. I went on strict vegan diet based on a 'guru's proven plan' to beat cancer. After 6 weeks PSA went from 2.5 to 7.5. No problems, I then started ADT and knowing that ADT would get PSA down to 0.1 or lower, I figured that this diet would no doubt work better with reduced tumour load. After 7 months of ADT plus guru proven diet plan, PSA rose from 7.5 to 49.

You should adopt the best diet you can and you will feel a whole lot better and suffer less tratment side effects. Just dont expect it to make a big difference to disease progression.

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Mkeman in reply to Hazard

If you have access to the New York Times there was an interesting article yesterday arguing that it was now time to seriously study how different diets actually affect our health.

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