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Title of post re: PET/CT scans v. MRI's


This morning I read a post about the high amount of radiation from frequent PET/CT scans (I believe the person posting was receiving them every 3 months, like my Rob.) The responses included links, some of which contained info about Diffusion Weighted MRI's. I have somehow lost the email and would like to garner the info for Rob's doctor. I have tried searching, to no avail. If anyone knows the title of this post, I would very much appreciate your sending it to me. Thanks!!!

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4luvofrob in reply to pjoshea13

You continue to amaze me with how quickly you reach out to help!!!

Thanks so much! Blessings and hugs....

DarrylAdministrator in reply to pjoshea13

Super Peter!

4luvofrob in reply to Darryl

Yes, he is...as are all of you on this site!!!

God bless and keep you all.

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