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90 day drug holiday


I started the 90 drug free holiday with a PSA of 0.08. Next it went down to 0.06. This week it was 0.04.

My GP roll around a sonar and we couldn't find any swollen lymph nodes.

A year ago my first MRI showed a blib of 9mm on the liver. It is now 15 months later and it is still 9 mm. The GP and my oncologist are now unsure whether it is a mets or just dead material.

I keep going with a strick cancer diet, herbs and few supplements. Of one thing I am convinced: the old woman had it right: you will do well by applying Prof Johanna Budwig's principles. Replace bad animal fat with healthy fat like olive oil and flaxseed oil. And read up on the 2012 Harvard university publication on choline. It pushes you to veggies and fish, but it works. I also worked my through a small bottle of thyme essential oil and are now halfway with a frankincense oil boswellia carterrï.

The MRI is scheduled for end of October. Kind Regards to all of you. I thank God for every day of my life. Thinus

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Within 90 days your testosterone will not recover, probably not even get above castration level. So the side effects of Lucrin will not go away within these 90 days. You could have your testosterone level checked to see this.

Thinus in reply to GP24

Hi GP24, true. That's why my oncologist take me under hand full scale end of October.

Interesting, last year I went through the sam process. In two months flat, everything was there, even erection. But I do a PSA everything month, and scans everything six months, will try to monitor it as close as possible.

Hidden in reply to GP24

My 90 day vacation was a flop as was my radiation treatment, which I would not have known had I not stopped the Lupron. I wonder if Lupron is the hero of the whole treatment thing?

Thinus in reply to Hidden

There are people that went twenty years successfully on Lupron.

The only way to see what was the effect of your radiation is through a MRI, not just a scan. A full body MRI is usually 1200 photos.

Maybe my holiday stunt will also fail, but through scans and MRI we could see there is no more cancer in the prostate. There was one swollen lymph that worried me, but now 8 months after the last MRI, we couldn't find any swollen lymph nodes with a sonar. So I asked my oncologist for a short break and he said go for it.

Don't give up, my advice, go back onto Lupron or the shorter Lucrin, eat very healthy, use essential oil boswellia serrata and I hope with you to turn around your cancer again.

Thank you for taking the time to post.. How often and how much and do you use internally or externally or both of the thyme essential oil and frankincense oil boswellia carterrï do you use ?

Thank you and healiing overwhelm you on your journey.

Thinus in reply to Brocktree

Hi Pinkrocker

From March this year I start using origanum. I put dry origanum in a coffee grinder and powder it. After two weeks I also ground parsley, mixed the two. I take a heaped teaspoon and put it in a mug with boiled water and let it steep for at least ten minutes. Don't boil it, just let it cool down until it is cold enough to drink. Swirl it and drink the sludge too. Later I mixed in thyme too. Two times a day.

In May I started with essential oils on top of the herbs and my diet. First I worked through a bottle of thyme. Three drops under the tongue three times a day, but I must admit: it is extremely volatile. About three weeks ago I started with essential oil boswellia carterii because I couldn't find boswellia serrata or sacra.

I eat a lot of greens and fish, sweet potato, drink lemon juice with ginger. I grow my own beetroot for the leaves . You must have a holistic approach. And an open minded oncologist.

Brocktree in reply to Thinus

Thank you for the quick reply My husband is unable to go on Budwig's diet as it raises his blood sugar too high. He has gone for 11.5 AIC to 6.2 AIC using Dr. Richard Bernstain's protocal. He recently had RP Gleason 7 Tertiary 5 and is waiting for psa We definitely have a holistic approach Waiting to see if an oncologist is in his future

Might 5-Loxin--the key component in Frankincense--be the better supplement than the oil you are using. Just a thought.


Thank you Nalakrats, and good luck and fortune with your own flying free trip. I am following you now for almost a year.

The problem here in SA the stuff that one is looking for, is not always available.

I saw in one of the Health shops Boswellia Serrata capsules, made by Solgar. Might be something to swallow. I am however convinced that my lunch concoction of sweet potato, sardine in tomato and chili sauce, teaspoon turmeric, good dash of olive oil, black pepper has got a stalling effect on the cancer.

My smoothie in the morning is anything green like parsley, kale and beetroot leaves, half a avo, good dash of olive oil, teaspoon of turmeric and half a cup of V8 tomato juice plus one celery stalk. I am hooked on it.

According to Dr. Myers always said olive oil is good but to avoid flaxseed oil at all costs.

Ldb01 in reply to cesanon

We were also told to avoid flaxseed oil.

Thinus in reply to Ldb01

On flaxseed oil. What can I say. It is high in omega 3. And there is a debate in medical circles whether too much if that is good for you or not. I did use it for 18 months, one or two capsules a day. Prof Budwig used the raw seed.

Research nowadays show that olive oil is probably the best oil next to coconut to use. I don't know. But no oil alone will kill your cancer, maybe essential oils.

Ldb01 in reply to Thinus

We have been doing the green veggie juicing thing every day and added flax seed oil. First round of chemo failed. When we saw a new Oncologist on told him what hubby has been consuming he told us it was a no-no. Previous dr said Grapeseed oil was also a no no as they both work against the chemo. Second doctor also told my husband to eat what he wants in moderation so he has had some read meat in small quantities and seems to feel alot better. This whole diet thing is so confusing because we were doing everything right and still the chemo failed. Now he has just recovered from the first week after JEVTANA and needless to say it was ROUGH. Constant upset stomach, no appetite. He does have tumeric everyday and this dr said he believes tumeric is good. No to cannabis oil as well.

Thinus in reply to Ldb01

Maybe you can try artemether?

cesanon in reply to Thinus

It was more nuanced than that. Something about one of the constituents of the flaxseed oil that would feed prostate cancer cells.

Thinus in reply to cesanon

True. I also read that. That is why I switched to olive oil. At the same time, my PSA was dropping besides flaxseed oil.

Hallo Cesanon

I take note of the flaxseed oil. I use quite a lot if olive oil nowadays. Despite the warnings of other drs, the fact remains that Prof Johanna Budwig had a,99% success rate.

do u know the average psa on males (normal) is 0-4.0 so why are u worried forget it and relax just monitor the numbers now and then and move on dude.


Thank you Charlie. True. I just want to monitor the spot on the liver one more time with a MRI. It looks as if mets on the liver doesn't always indicate on PSA. In future I will just ask my GP to play around with his sonar to check up on the liver. I live a full life, full program. And I do feel a bit more relax about my cancer than two years ago.

A side note to everybody with cancer. Read up on the effect of choline in cancer cells. And than cut out food high in choline. I do cheat by eating chicken now and then. Thanks for this great site where we can talk about our plans and cancer, God bless.

Kind Regards

Thinus Coetzee

Glad your doing well. Me. I am a coward I can’t gamble with my life and am not going to out guess the doctor 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thinus in reply to larry_dammit

Hi Larry

I was so fortunate to be sent by the urologist to the right oncologist. An open minded guy, really on top of the newest medication. As I was phase 4, I wanted him to open up with chemo and the biggest canons possible. He told me to calm down and lets start with something simple like Lucrin injections and calcium drips.

After the first injection, I started on my own with artemether in the form of Coartem. After three weeks I wrote him an email and confess. I was so glad he didn't got angry and throw his desk at me. Just told me to keep him up to date. The rest is history. When I met him the first time, I couldn't speak. The cancer was really taking hold everywhere. Middle 2017 we did the first MRI. (Diagnosed Feb 2016). He was so excited like a young boy, the black spot was gone, the cancer has shrinked down to only the prostate and lymph in illuac area was swollen. I got 30 external beam radiations.

I cut out red meat right from the beginning. No pork.

No milk

Since June 2017 , no eggs

Cayenne capsules 3000 mg a day, with a good gulp of tomato juice.

Turmeric, two teaspoons through the day.

Quercitin from time to time.

No sugar

Veggies containing phytochemicals.

The list is to long.

Please discuss your strict cancer diet and supplements.

Thinus in reply to DSEE

Hallo DSEE

My diet isn't always nice to eat and most of the time boring. And I do cheat now and then by eating chicken.

1. I cut out animal fat.

2. No red meat, no pork, no eggs. The white of the egg is OK. The yolk is high in Choline, please read the 2012 Harvard university publication on choline.

3. No milk, no cheese....

Dark green veggies like kale, spinach and beetroot leaves. Beetroot leaves contains zeaxanthin.

Sweet potato with the purple skin and all. I throw tomato paste, olive oil, black pepper and turmeric over it. Plus one sardine.

My breakfast is most of the time just oats.

Lunch is the sweet potato.

Dinner is mixed veggies-with broccoli and beetroot leaves, and buckwheat. And chicken or hake.

Kind Regards

Thinus Coetzee

Ldb01 in reply to Thinus

Fish has become a huge part in the diet too. We cut out cheese and dairy milk. Did almond milk but that did not work because of the taste. Now using lactose free milk from Dischem. Protein shakes flavoured with fruits every morning as well as oats which he has been able to eat on the worst post chemo days.

Hallo DSEE

Will answer you in a few hours.

Kind Regards


Happy you are doing so well. Will be doing the same next June and hope to cruise. Fatigue is my most difficult side effect and hope that may subside then. Best wishes for continued low PSA.


Thinus in reply to George71

Thank you George.!!!!!! I used artemether. The university of North West in SA is doing a lot of research of an advance form of Artemisinin: Artemisone. Fortunately, there are now oncologists all over the world that fights cancer with this wonderful herb. Millions of people are saved annually by artemether.

That's wonderful news.

Two scoops of chocolate chip ice cream (dipped in first cold pressed 100% pure virgin olive oil from Greece).

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Sunday 10/07/2018 9:30 PM EDT

lincolnj8 in reply to j-o-h-n

Yes, Yes - 2 scoops of chocolate chip ice cream please..

j-o-h-n in reply to lincolnj8

in a cup or a cone?

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Sunday 10/07/2018 10:01 PM EDT

lincolnj8 in reply to j-o-h-n

A cup please..

Thinus in reply to lincolnj8

And make sure it is dark chocolate, you guys are getting naughty!!!

lincolnj8 in reply to Thinus

My only vice. Well--kinda hooked on vanilla bean too..

j-o-h-n in reply to lincolnj8






or all of the above?

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 10/08/2018 2:30 PM EDT

lincolnj8 in reply to j-o-h-n

Trying to go medium, gotta keep the weight down. lol

Lets keep to the chocolate. I treat myself with Lindt 99% cacao !!

lincolnj8 in reply to Thinus

Sounds good

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