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considering SBRT for localized pca


I'm newly diagnosed with localized pca. Not too bad I have 3-4, 3-4, 3-4 and 3-3, 3-3

out of 12 cores. They suggested watch and wait but with the 7's, even with a gleason

of 3.6 I want to treat the condition now. Tall Allen seems to like SBRT and what I have read

it is good for localized psa. The radiation oncologist I had a consultation with says

it is good, done in only 5 visits instead of 30 or more with proton therepy which the

doctor says is no better, data wise then SBRT. I worry about GI and urinary obstruction problems down the road. Has anyone had any experiences with this type of treatment?

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What problems down the road? The latest report shows:

By five years after SBRT treatment, the late toxicity outcomes were reported:

No grade 3 (serious) rectal side effects

Grade 2 rectal side effects in 2%

Grade 3 (serious) urinary side effects in 4 of the 309 patients (1.3%)

Grade 2 urinary side effects in 38%

I had a flare of urinary frequency one year after treatment but none since. No late term rectal symptoms, and no erectile dysfunction. I had SBRT 8 years ago.

wa64hoos in reply to Tall_Allen

very encouraging Tall Allen. Thanks, I am going to do the SBRT.

Currumpaw in reply to Tall_Allen

What is your opinion of Focal Laser Ablation? FLA seems to be becoming more effective as the doctors performing it gain experience.

Also your opinion on HIFU, high intensity focal ultrasound? Is it becoming a treatment that is now being supplanted by FLA?


Tall_Allen in reply to Currumpaw

My opinion is that there is not enough long-term data to support focal therapy. There are many outstanding issues discussed here:

Sounds like you can beat it if you fight it now instead of waiting.... Mine was stage 4 gleason 9/10 at detection and I am still fighting it, but in remission. Go for it while you can.


wa64hoos in reply to Shooter1

Thanks shooter 1 and best of luck to you

With Gleason score like that chances are that early intervention would have a good outcome. Most of us that have advanced PC (my guess) had higher Gleason at the time of first treatment. As an early adopter of SBRT with G4+3, my PC would probably not be where I am now.

wa64hoos in reply to Cmdrdata

Thanks cmdrdata I think SBRT is my

best bet

I had SBRT done a little over a year lingering side effects... little errectile dysfunction and reduced ejaculations. With radiation, PSA readings can be slower to decline...but sometimes depends on the individual.

Thanks, very encouraging

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