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High Alk Phosphatase, SGPT/ALT, Direct Bilirubin, BUN


Hi, i am very worried about blood chemistry of my husband which came out today and we were supposed to go for checkup with our med onco also today but unfortunately he is out of the country and dont know who to ask 😔

Here are the results:

Alk Phosphatase: 138 U/L



Direct Bilirubin : 9 umol/L

BUN: 7.9 mmol/L

We will be going out of the country starting tom Sep 1-17 and the earliest we can see and ask our doctor is on Sept 18. I dont want anything bad happening while we are out of the country so Id appreciate your inputs as to what we can do to lower them down.



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Hi Vikkie. Which country are you in? Won’t your doctor discuss these results with your husband by phone? Does the medical oncologist’s office have someone who’s not on vacation that you can talk to?

dvcarola in reply to Darryl

Hi Darryl, we live in the Philippines and I am currently reaching out to our uro onco who havent responded yet. Our med onco is in a conference outside the country (not sure if its there in the US or somewhere else).

I don't know about the other numbers, but for alk phos, that's not too much higher than normal. My husband had alk phos that was 919 in June and then dropped to 700 in July and is now around your husband's and it was considered a good sign since it was a drop. Is the number you cite an increase from his previous numbers?

dvcarola in reply to spikezoey

Thanks for sharing that, yes the numbers before zytiga were in the normal range and started to elevate to one month after. Btw, our uro onco already replied and said that the numbers arent too high also and if we want we can lower the dosage of zytiga to half dose (500mg) in the meantime until our next checkup, i hope it has the same effect as full dose though... so now im feeling more at ease before going away tomorrow, enjoy your weekend!

MelaniePaul in reply to dvcarola

Hi there.

But you should definitely see the oncologist as soon as you come back. Because the higher numbers could also mean a change in his cancer? You need to get that checked to be absolutely sure.


The liver enzymes ALT and AST could be elevated from the Zytiga. Your doctor might want you to try lowering the dose to see what happens with them. Alkaline Phosphatase is out of range, but not by much and I wouldn't read into that. if Zytiga is working, it will often go up initially, then back down. Best to discuss all of this with your doctor, I wouldn't be panicking about it. It looks like cause for concern, but not an emergency. That's my laymen's opinion.

dvcarola in reply to gregg57

Thanks Gregg, one question too, husband’s testosterone level is extremely low at <0.025 ng/ml and normal range is 3-10 ng/ml, is that ok? We weren’t able to check testosterone level before treatment so we dont have a baseline.

gregg57 in reply to dvcarola

Low testosterone is good. It is the successful result of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (Eligard and Zytiga). Those drugs are supposed to lower the male hormones. Prostate cancer usually needs male hormones to grow so stopping them keeps the cancer under control. Eventually the cancer will mutate so that it doesn't need hormones, but that can take quite a while to happen.

dvcarola in reply to gregg57

Ok i just read something about men having low testosterone also have a greater risk for heart attacks, stroke so i got worried because my mom in law had a major stroke early this year 😔

gregg57 in reply to dvcarola

Normal range for testosterone is 270 to 1070. Eligard alone will typically get it down to below 20, Zytiga will further lower it to around 1 on average.

Warm greeting to you all,

Each time the report of blood chemistry of cmy partner came back ; normal, not normal, high low . I was & am so worried so i Google each one & searched foods & diet that would benefit or help him. Of course, Medicine & vitamins or Herbal have to ask uncologist /doctor because this ailmemt is very sensitive.

(Sorry enghlish is second language.)

Ever try Makati Medical Center?

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Saturday 09/01/2018 2:02 AM EDT

dvcarola in reply to j-o-h-n

Hi john, mkt med is a good hospital too but st lukes has better, more modern facilities (i think)

j-o-h-n in reply to dvcarola

Kamusta ka dvcarola...

You're right about the modern facilities since St. Lukes is newer. But I think the Doctors may be better since Makati gets the cream of the crop (patients with more pesos). Well anyway I will try to find out the best Pca oncologist in metro Manila. BTW my wife is Pinay...I'm a Gringo (Ba-doo-ie).


Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 09/05/2018 6:08 PM EDT

dvcarola in reply to j-o-h-n

Oh thats so nice to hear that your wife is a pinay! You’re very lucky john 😁 I believe our doctors are good also but would love to hear what you find out. Do say hi to your wife for me pls.


Agree with the guys. The alkaline level is a little high. Normal is 90. But depending on your treatment level and time it’s not that far out. Go enjoy but keep the phone numbers handy in case he starts feeling bad .

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