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Controlling DHT


Dr Snuffy Myers had a low target for DHT. He started me on 1 avodart and it worked for a long time. Then it started rising and he said my body was metabolizing the avodart faster than normal, so he increased to 2 avodart, an yes, same pattern, started rising after a time. So, he said to drink 8oz of grapefruit juice with the avodart. So, yes, yet another rise in DHT. So, he said go to 16oz of the juice. That has worked until now. So with no more Dr Snuffy, not sure what can be done or added either by script or supplement.

I would appreciate any ideas or comments.

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Hmmm there must be other ways of controlling dht.

How is your PSA doing?

Who are you using as an oncologist now?

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PSA been undetectable, will get update in couple days

Dr Drake is my current oncologist

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Please consider asking Dr. Drake what alternatives there might be to Avodart and then posting his answer?

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ok will do -thanks

People on meds are often told to avoid grapefruit juice because it is a CYP3A4 inhibitor. Drug doses are often set on the basis that 90% or more will be metabolized by CYP3A4 in the 'first pass' through the liver.

But sometimes a CYP3A4 inhibitor is what is needed to get an effective dose - e.g. for polyphenols that have poor bioavailability. Bioperine [1], which contains piperine from black pepper, is a CYP3A4 inhibitor. May be more convenient than grapefruit juice.

It's cheap [2] & seems to have a good safety profile. You would probably need to exceed the suggested dose. You could wash it down with grapefruit juice. LOL.

As with the juice - when prescribed a new drug you should check whether there is CYP3A4 interaction.

Piperine also has anti-PCa activity [3].





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Dr. Myers always told me not to worry about DHT unless it got close to five.

Presently I am on a drug vacation from Casodex, Avodart and Metformin.

My last DHT test was 2.8. Had been taking Avodart three times a week.

interesting, he told me target was 4

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