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Another excellent resource


Today I learned about a resource that many of you may have already found. This is an excellent book (although dated Jan 2016, it seems very relevant today) that you can download in pdf format: The National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guideline for Patients- Prostate Cancer. I wish I has this book when I was first diagnosed in 2012:

In particular, the sequence of treatment options is presented very well, although there are no absolutes (advanced cancer patients have many options).

For those of you that want to ready the physician's version of this you can surf away on Just click on NCCN Guidelines for Treatment of Cancer by, site, choose prostate cancer. It's amazing what's viewable on this web site.

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Nice resource. Your right, I wish this were around when I was first diagnosed.

Some of the information is dated, however, for free, a good basic source. Thank you for the link.


Thank you tallguy2.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Thursday 07/26/2018 5:06 PM EDT

Thanks for this recommendation. This book is an excellent reference for all aspects of the prostate cancer journey.

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You're welcome. I registered on the site (it's free) and downloaded the physician's version, which is dated March 2018. This has excellent flowcharts, one of which I took to my urologist appointment today. I was well-prepared when he wanted to discuss options once I am finished with Taxotere chemotherapy.

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