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Xtandi and international travel


I live in Oregon and we'll be heading for Europe in the next week. I'm currently on Xtandi and you are supposed to take it at about the same time every day. Nine hours time difference between here and there. The oncology pharmacist said I shouldn't make a drastic change from taking it on Oregon time to taking it on European time, but ease into it by taking it a hour earlier every day before I leave to get onto European schedule and vice versa after I return. A bit of info for those thinking of travel where there are a lot of time zone changes involved.

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Since starting on enzalutamide 4.5 years ago I've been able to travel across the Atlantic a couple of times and the Pacific once. Going west is even more confusing as one crosses the international date line and either loses a complete day or gains one. The goal is to stay as close to 24-hour dosing as you can, and for sharp changes in world time that means (for me) keeping one watch on my local USA time so that I can really track 24 hours and then slowly adjust as you indicate. What you want to do is "plug" those newly formed androgen receptors on a very regular basis!

Thanks....just about to do the same🤔


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