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Surgery update


My husband finally had his LDR Brachytherapy procedure last Friday at Kaiser on Sunset, which was performed by Dr. Goy. A total of 114 seeds were implanted and besides some minor aches following his discharge, my husband was back on his feet, walking and back to his normal upbeat self the following day. He has not experienced any urine incontinence, no pain except some minor soreness at the point of entry. So far, we are beyond pleased with the post-surgery outcome, although it will take a while to measure the success of this procedure. This is definitely the beginning of this journey! We are very thankful to this community and all those who have shared their wealth of knowledge to help us make a very difficult decision! Thank you, Tall Allen and everyone else for your support!

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Good to hear he has done well. My husband sailed through his brachytherapy as well but his PSA still rose.

anthonyq in reply to mjbach

Ultimately, there is always the dreaded possibility of rising PSA, but we'll focus on the positive. We are fortunate that his prostate is well contained within the capsule, but even that gives no certainty. All we can do is live our life to the fullest!

mjbach in reply to anthonyq

Yes just keep yourselves informed and be ready with the next option.

"prostate is well contained within the capsule" ?? or cancer is well contained within the prostate ??

After brachy, "bounces" in PSA are known to happen. Don't worry about them. Keep yourself informed. All the best.

I meant cancer is well contained within the prostate, thanks! Yes, we are aware of PSA bounces! Thanks for the heads-up.

anthonyq in reply to anthonyq

Hi fellow comrades, going on the 3rd day with the seeds and all is well except when I urinate. Right after I drink water my flow is strong than after the 3rd time within an hour or so it's weak and I have a funny sensation. I drink another glass of water than the process starts all over. My appetite is good, I feel a little tightness and a little sharp pain in my bowel groan area, but it's feeling better day by day. Hopefully this time next week I'll have not side effects. If it wasn't for the tightness, little sharp pain and frequently urinating I'll go back to work tomorrow but I'm going to get my rest and take it easy for a while.

anthonyq in reply to anthonyq

By the way anyone have suggestions on what to eat after bracky treatment? My doctor told me I can basically eat and drink anything I want except for coffee and alcohol. There was a tread a month or two ago one what's okay to eat a day or two before surgery but not right afterwards

AlanMeyer in reply to anthonyq

The urinary symptoms you are experiencing sound to me like very common ones after radiation. I had similar symptoms after an HDR brachytherapy procedure. As I understand it, the problem is that radiation causes the prostate tissue to become inflamed and to swell. The prostate gland surrounds the urethra (the tube carrying urine from the bladder) and clamps it shut. Only when the bladder is fairly full and the pressure it produces is strong can the urine squeeze through. When you urinate a little, the pressure is reduced and the urethra can be clamped off again by the swollen prostate. The result is that you feel frequent urges to urinate but can only produce a small stream each time.

Over time, the swelling will go down. In my case, it was strong for about two months, then gradually reduced. By about 5-1/2 months I was pretty well back to normal.

Your doctor may be able to help by prescribing tamulosin (trade name Flomax.)

Good luck.


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