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Living life to the fullest


I got out last week for a 4 night astronomy event under the beautiful night sky in northern California. Here's a picture of a father and daughter in the group.

Just wanted to share something positive. We are all going through so much and I know I need to remind myself why I am doing these treatments: So I can live life to the fullest!

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Great pic...nice reminder! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

gregg57 in reply to greatjohn

Thanks. The way I look life is: Use it or lose it.

Nalakrats in reply to gregg57

Where have you been lately?


Wonderful Post, Gregg!

Follow your Bliss!

Hope you had a happy Fathers Day, too.

For those who know astronomy, that's the center of our Milky Way Galaxy right above the heads of the Father/Daughter in the center of the photo.


An outstanding picture of a happy event being with your daughter.


Gregg, I am so glad to see you living life to the fullest! We just finished a week on the Cornish Coast. Port Isaac, St Ives, Newlyn,Lands end and mousehole. Now we are at Twikenham stadium in London. The Rolling Stones are playing here tonight. We see the concert then tour London sights in next few days and fly home. It is early morn now, I am up having coffee. Keep living life to the fullest. I have been walking about 4 miles up and down hills here everyday.

Whimpy-p in reply to Dan59

I love this post Thanks

Cancer or no, that's what it's all about.

Can't forget the stuff that makes us tick, there is no better medication. Our minds are constantly racing about cancer and whats coming at us next. Doing the things in life we are passionate about is by far the best therapy!

Looks like your having an amazing time. Brilliant post and shows life can be enjoyed post diagnosis. Wish I was there with my family it looks like a fantastic experience. 👍

Great pic Greg. Glad your enjoying life to the fullest. The world is is beautiful. I just got back from Ireland and UK . Was amazing. Lost 9 lbs walking

Way to go my Brother live life to the fullest.

Enjoy the journey my fellow warriors and, God bless

I’m an amateur astronomer myself. But I have to admit I like your dark skies better. Great picture.

gregg57 in reply to snoraste

I'm going to another in July with even darker skies. There are some very large telescopes at these events. Lots of great views. Clear skies to you.

That's awesome! Another big astronomy fun over here. Have been around scopes since childhood: grinding mirrors, designing and testing optics, building mounts and clock drives. Nowadays one can buy everything cheaper in stores. It's been a while since I've driven to dark skies. I have a bunch of scopes in house and usually put one out for the guests any time they staying late. Still smile when they are dazzled with views of our Solar system and some brighter objects in the nearby Universe. Enjoy it!

Great post Gregg, keep on keepin' on.

Exquisitely beautiful Gregg! Amazing adventure!

Thank you for sharing.


Hi gregg57

Good to know you are enjoying the days and nights :) For myself and everyone in this journey, let us all take a breather every now and then and realise how wonderful Life is :) I plan to spend every waking hour with the people I love and be mindful of precious time and my new wonderful life and journey.

God bless to all. My very best regards to one and all.

Take care.


I love this image.. Thanks....

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