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Coke Gouda Cheese and What a Difference a Day Makes


My neighbor was a health nut...100% vegetarian and ran 2 miles every day with his dog. He would cringe when I ate my breakfast of a glass of coke and gouda cheese. I found coke to be the best drink to counteract the fatigue from Xtandi and gouda cheese to block stomach upset from gouda cheese is a good source of vitamin k2. Yesterday he bent over to pick something up, had a stroke, and is now in the hospital with the right side of his body paralyzed soon to be heading to a nursing home. I just had my breakfast of coke and gouda cheese and now I have to go walk my new dog, and I ordered on of those canes with a grabber on the end because I am afraid to bend over to pick something up.


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OMG...I love your posts...Thanks! ! !

Yep never complain about my health each day I guarantee someone else has it worse! Just had my toe nail removed today on by right big toe to match the one I lost in chemo on the left. It is those little things....

I guess I'm dumber than a rock. Can someone expound to me what kind of fuckery this post explains? I'm leaning towards yet another slam on vegans but I'm not smart enough to be sure.

noirhole in reply to Bill48162

Does not explain a thing. Just explains everyone is different and you don't know if any path you believe in will lead you to a dead end. Relax.

WSOPeddie in reply to Bill48162

Maybe the message is that extreme health regimens, yes including veganism, can't guarantee good outcomes. Just lighten up and live a little. None of us are getting off this planet alive, despite our most rigorous efforts.

I like your humor,it keeps me checking for your next post.I just got my fourth lupron shot psa is .01. Keeping my fingers crossed. Happy thoughts.

Thanks Gus!

Without HUMOR and acceptance there is little else. Thanks for the enjoyable posts. Keep on truckin'.

I love smoked Gouda, used to binge on it when in Amsterdam.

I have heard of lots of people like that as well. I did know a Bank manager once that only ate meat and potatoes. I asked him how he felt and he said great. The sad thing was though he had a heart attack and died shortly after our last lunch. He was hardly 40! I eat my veggies!

Thanks for the laugh! My husband’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 70’s and said “all that damned broccoli for nothing”. I’m with you gusgold-live and suck the marrow out of life!

Not getting off on someone else's misfortune or not that I don't feel bad for your neighbor, but it does bring a little humor to people who really need some. Sounds like my husband...I try to eat healthy and he's having his sugary breakfast bar followed by fruit and later sugar laced ice tea. At this point, I'm happy for any food or drink he can get into him. Whatever makes him feel better whether its healthy or not, eat the bad stuff. Not being able to eat all is a lot worse than eating an unhealthy diet. Everyone does the best they can. Again, thank you for a little bit of humor to what started as a very sick day for my husband (ironically couldn't eat today). I'll give him whatever will stay down. He's lost 70 lbs. So he can eat whatever he feels like!

I was a vegetarian and triathlete when I was diagnosed....Now I eat what I want (meat and potatoes) do little cardio, lift some light weights and play golf. On Xgeva, avodart, etc but generally feel good. Diagnosed Gleason 9, (5+4) in 2003. Now have mets all over the skeleton but feel good. Going to continue enjoying myself, eating what I like.. I agree with you Gus. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we are going to die...

Geez what a coincidence. I know a guy who was standing on a corner drinking a coke when a Baby Gouda 10 pound Cheese Wheel rolled down a hill and "stroke" him square in the ass. They found the poor bastard two days later with a cheese grater in his hand singing:

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 06/25/2016 6:16 PM EDT

Anecdotal evidence or outliers don't mean much. Starts show that running and eating veggies is better for people. I just got a nuclear heart stress test two days ago after changing to a very healthy diet and increased cardio everyone and reduced stress. The treats showed that my 50% artery blockage is either give it significantly reduced. The test didn't detect any angina, which was previously bad for the last four years. Guys had a good sense of humor. I don't think the part of his neighbor was serious, just pay off the joke. Each person has to evaluate their own problems and decide how they want to proceed forward. One thing is for sure, many studies show that a plant based food diet significantly extends lifespan on average. The thing people don't realize is that some people have much better genes than others, so they can get away with unhealthy habits, which includes: loneliness, stress, anguish etc, not just food and exercise. By the way, i eat a little bit of Gouda too. My favorite tasting cheese and has some anti cancer effects. I think I'll throw some in my egg whites this morning 😛


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