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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Want To Live 200 Years and Not Get Cancer

Then follow the ASTD&LS ( Alligator Snapping Turtle Diet & Life Style)...In the wild Alligator Snapping Turtles bury themselves in the mud with their mouth open. They wiggle this organ in their mouth that attracts fish which makes up most of their diet. Below is my 2 year old Alligator Snapper, Tank, who I raised from a hatchling. He eats anything that moves plus meat, fish, canned dog food, and hard boiled eggs. He never tries to bite and I take him in my swimming pool for exercise. One food group he hates is vegetables. So, the moral of the story is get some scuba gear, sit in the bottom of a pool, get very little exercise and eat a lot of fish.



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GA. (Good advice). ITI (I’ll take it) 😀


my older brother used to catch these and sell them to the village police chief (I am guessing he ate them, not sure.....) turtle soup?


I don't believe it. If you have a snapping turtle, what's its name?

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Tank needs some mouthwash.


You just described my ex-wife... SOB will live to be a thousand.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 05/23/2018 6:12 PM EDT


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