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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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UK TV programme - PCa Trial

Hello from York, Yorkshire, UK.

One of our TV channels, BBC Two, has shown a series of programmes called 'Surgeons: At The Edge of Life' over the last 3 weeks (mondays 8th, 15th, 22nd at 9pm GMT). They've highlighted work going at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. All been interesting with some terrific fly on the wall coverage of surgical challenges but last night's was particularly relevant to this forum.

It followed 3 patients, the 3rd of which involved a prostate cancer trial and showed the case of a patient with a recurrence receiving the treatment.

I think I've tracked down the trial from the CancerResearchUK website:-


For anyone who'd like to watch the TV programme, I hope this link will work outside the UK. It's only a brief snapshot of developments in treatment and we don't learn of the long term outcome but it's an insight into what's happening to help us kick the bugger into touch.


Best wishes to everyone, sad news that we lost Hugh Masakela today.


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Thank you - very useful and timely information.


You're welcome, that's good. Pete


Interesting if graphic show. You will need a VPN (virtual private network) to watch it outside the UK.


Link wouldn’t work here in the USA?


Thanks. That's a shame. Please see RonL's reply re using a VPN. Hope that helps.


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