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177 LU-PSMA-617 Phase 3 trial starting in 2018


Here's an article regarding a phase 3 trial starting in 2018. This might be old news for some, but thought I would post it anyway in case.


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Good news for the new year..."crMPCA...is almost always lethal"...I wonder if that is really the case

gregg57 in reply to gusgold

Being born is lethal too. It ends the same way for everyone. No one has a future really, only this moment in time we call "now".

ctarleton in reply to gusgold

The bulk of medical statistics and Clinical Trial statistics for all the currently approved treatments for castrate resistant metastatic prostate cancer DO show that it is almost always lethal, eventually, assuming some other co-morbidity doesn't kill us first. But, as individuals we can still do many things to live better, longer lives in the here and now, including making medical treatment decisions with more Options available today that can often extend our lives beyond what was generally possible 10-20 years ago with advanced disease.


Thanks for this!! Just what I needed to hear. I'm talking with my onc doc about this on Friday.

I believe that this is the better version of Radium-223 (Xofigo). Better in the sense that it reaches metastasis everywhere in the body, in contrast with Radium-223 which only binds to bones, therefore cannot be used when mets have jumped in soft tissue and organs.

gregg57 in reply to StephanB

Yes, I agree.

Here's some information from an article:

Why Lutetium labelled PSMA? The Physical Properties of Lu177 and Why It Makes A Good Therapy Agent

177Lutetium (177Lu) has gained popularity as the therapeutic radionuclide of choice due to its desirable physical properties. Ideally, the emission characteristics of a therapeutic radionuclide should match the lesion size/volume to be treated to ideally focus energy within the tumour rather than in the tissue surrounding the lesion. 177Lu is a medium‐energy β‐emitter (490 keV) with a maximum energy of 0.5 MeV and a maximal tissue penetration of <2 mm. The shorter β‐range of 177Lu provides better irradiation of small tumours, in contrast to the longer β‐range of 90Y (Table 1). 177Lu is a reactor produced radiometal that emits low‐energy γ‐rays at 208 and 113 keV with 10 and 6% abundance respectively. The gamma emission from 177Lu allows for ex vivo imaging and consequently the collection of information pertaining to tumour localisation and dosimetry. Furthermore, 177Lu has a relatively long physical half‐life of 6.73 days. It is these physical properties that allow for the delivery of high activities of 177Lu PSMA to prostate cancer cells.

The full article can be found here:


This is great news to be sure. There are a lot of promising new research and trials going on. Just on Prostate Cancer Foundation site, there's a dozen or so new initiatives (some actually LU-PSMA related).


There's been a new CAR-T drug approved by FDA recently as well (albeit, expensive), and only a matter of time before they get it to work for solid tumors.

Lots of hope for all -

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