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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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It seems my journey is beginning. I went to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan, GA today and met with Dr. Rabbani (urologist). After reviewing my charts and performing a DRE, he did not think I had cancer, but possibly a prostate infarct. To be on the safe side, since my PSA was high he scheduled an MRI. On the way home, he called with the results. It doesn't look good...

1. The prostate is enlarged measuring 36 cc. There are imaging findings suspicious for multifocal carcinoma particularly associated with the posterior lateral left base which makes broad contact with the capsule with possible early extracapsular extension. Additional carcinoma suspicious lesions within the mid body and right apex are visualized. No neurovascular invasion or seminal vesicle invasion is specifically appreciated.

2. Enlarged right internal iliac and mesorectal lymph nodes raises concern for metastatic disease.

3. No concerning areas of marrow signal alteration.

They are going to call me tomorrow to bump my biopsy up to next week. I will know more then. One lesion was 1.8 cm and graded as PI-RADS5.

How bad is it?

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Get your biopsy results before you worry. Are they going to take a tissue sample of the lymph node in question? There are many treatments your doctors will explain to you regarding a cure. There is hope that you will be cured. If not, it is not the end of the world for you. I will tell you the following to help relieve your fears: I have been fighting the disease going on 20 years.



Thanks Rich.


Hi dale339

So sorry to find you grouping with us now.

In your last reply you were having the assumption that you could end up in my shoe.

Now that it is confirmed so geared up for a new journey.

Most participants on this forum were either survivors/carers so you would benefit from their advices.

As for me I am not going the conventional way so far.

I do have an appointment with an oncologist on 15 January 18.

My self treatment has its up and down and hospital stays and multiple Cystoscopy for I am going blind. So I have run Lab Rat One and it fails.

Now I am on Lab Rat Two and so far I have some really bad feelings as I am still bleeding (blood in my urine).

Earlier I had s nap and on waking up I pee and found blood clearing up s little.

If I can clear this blood in urine in the next 3 days I am on to something.

I wish myself best of luck.

I also hope you can gather enough information when you embark on your journey.



Thanks Roland.


Hang in there! It does not necessarily mean death is imminent. You more likely have many more years with a good quality of life remaining. I was diagnosed in 1999. A summary of my treatment history is in my profile and may give you an idea of what the future may hold, although treatment varies considerably between individuals.




Hello Dale,

I have no idea how old you are. Your MRI is a good eye opener. Based on the pathological factors that you are going to find in your BIOPSY, my advice for you is to take the earliest opportunity and hit your PCa as hard as possible if among other things the Gleason Score is high. Know the enemy first and then launch your fight.

Good Luck and my Best Wishes!



I'm 55. Getting ready for biopsy now.


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