Weird problem -- facial bones hurt on side of face laying on pillow

Hello again. I have a weird problem -- when I go to bed, I usually sleep on my side. A couple of minutes after laying my head on the pillow the bones (or probably the nerves by them) being to hurt. This is no matter which side that I lay on. Only been happening for about 3-4 weeks. Just checking to see if anyone else has had this happen to them. I have tried more than one pillow, some softer, some stiffer.

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  • Ed,

    Might be a TMJ issue [1].

    Increased stress due to cancer can cause clenching or grinding of teeth during sleep.

    You can buy a night-guard kit at the drug store. I have to use one.



  • Thank you Patrick. I just went to CVS and bought the Oral-B Nighttime Dental Guard. I hope that it is a good one. If you have any advice on which ones are best, please let me know.

  • Ed,

    I'm not sure which one I use. I would think that they all have similar properties, but smaller is less intrusive. Let me know how it turns out. The problem should turn around by Veterans Day.


  • i've had this problem for years. i now use a space foam pillow and sleep right through it.

  • Thanks!! A friend brought over a "My Pillow" for me to try for the next couple of nights. I know that it's not quite what you are talking about but I thought I would give it a try to start with.

  • My sister bought the ''my pillow'' and threw them out within a week. I am a side sleeper and have found that the space foam atop two pillows puts my cheek at the same level as my shoulder while resting on three pillows without me tilting my head down to a single pillow. space foam made the whole difference.

  • I used the "my pillow" last night that I borrowed from a friend. It did keep the side of my face from hurting but was uncomfortable and I kept having to push part of the foam around. It also felt a little scratchy even though I had a good pillowcase on it.

    I am considering buying the "Shredded Memory Foam side sleeper pillow by Coop Home goods". The standard size is $49.95 and is both shipped for free and return-shipped for free if I don't like it for any reason within either 30 or 100 days. I have looked at 4 or 5 online pillow ratings and this pillow ranks No.1, 2, or 3 in all of them .

    Thank you so much for your comments -- they have been very helpful.

  • I go through periods of intense pain in my cheek bones. Admittedly, I do have a ?slight? sinus issue that could also be the cause. It comes and goes like my periods of hot flashes.

  • Oh my, I hope that you can get help for that!!

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