Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Anyone have PCa AND Thyroid Cancer?

Figured I'd start a thread on this just in case. Not only do I have a rare and aggressive form of PCa but I now have been diagnosed with TC. Have no idea now bad (haven't read the pathology report).

Apparently two distinct cancers (TC not metastasized from PCa), so I assume this is a good thing.

Anyway, anyone out there battling PCa and TC?

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It has been noted that men with PCa have an increased risk of thyroid cancer - & vice versa.

One paper, though, dismissed the association as being caused by overscreening. The authors noted that both cancers are over-diagnosed. The case they made was based on there being no possible connection.

I mentioned in a post that iodine deficiency was a possible link.

Since you say that you "have a rare and aggressive form of PCa", I would look into your iodine status. If poor, consider Iodoral, which I use.

But best not to use Iodoral until you find out whether radioactive iodine therapy is in your future.

Best, -Patrick

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Thank you so much Patrick. Information is a valuable commodity (especially early on) so thanks again.



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