Anti Inflammatory Turmeric Mixture

Anti Inflammatory Turmeric Mixture

Here is recipe for turmeric I have been modifying for a couple of years.


Anyone else use turmeric?

Any additions you would make?

Does the recipe seem easy for anyone to follow?


Anti Inflammatory Turmeric Mixture.


The goal is to have a paste. Add liquids or powders as needed to get to a paste consistency.

About 8 hours after mixing the flavors mingle.

I have left the mixture out of the refrigerator for over a month with no spoilage problems. Not not add water nor any ingredient with water.

Turmeric can die your hands, counter tops, plastic containers. It also fluoresces under black light!


Some where between 1 to 3 grams a day(1/2 teaspoon) Can be washed down with milk or almond milk.


Turmeric: Three bottles of dry (3 x ~2.5 oz bottle) OR fresh turmeric ~7.5 oz (Trader Joe’s or Whole foods has the smoothest tasting turmeric)

Black pepper: One heaping teaspoon ~ 6 grams (3% black pepper to amount of turmeric) Black pepper - piperine helps with blood uptake of turmeric - curcumin.

Oil: Can be coconut, olive, ghee or another pleasant tasting oil (oil is for bio availability) ~7.5 oz

Sweetener: Honey or Maple syrup or another sweetener: three or more tablespoons to taste.

Salt: to taste.

Garlic or Onion: powder to taste. (I have used fresh garlic with no spoilage problems. Garlic sometimes turns a nice blue when mixed with an oil. Your results may vary )

Other spices: Try out other spices to taste. I have use small amounts of cinnamon, cardamon, cumin. They are tasty. In the end this mixture is almost ~curry paste.

No water. Don’t add any water or any ingredient with water. Water can encourage bacterial growth.


In a 2 cup mason jar.

This order of ingredient adding helps with the mixing.

Add the liquids: oil, sweetener

Add pepper, salt, garlic powder

Add turmeric

Mix. Add liquid until a smooth paste.

That’s it!

Image is of 1/2 used up batch of turmeric mixture:

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  • Wow! Much more sophisticated than I am. I just make a mix of olive oil, tumeric and black pepper when I cook. I primarily use it every morning when I make eggs. I also met with an integrative medicine specialist and they suggested I take supplements.

    But your idea looks a lot more interesting! Thanks for sharing!


  • I hope you eat egg whities, for I don't believe egg yolks are good for Pca, Please google it.


  • looks amazing. How did you develop your recipe? Did you modify based on psa????

  • I have not modified based on PSA. How could that work? More turmeric as the PSA rises? I can see taking the the mixture several times a day to keep blood levels high. I have looked at Turmeric (curcumin) studies. I got the 3% black pepper to Turmeric ratio from a study. If you know of any studies- I am interested.

  • I understand you take loads tumeric to get the active dose of curcumin. Of course there may be orher benefit. A monthly pas is our best guide and knowledge of estrogeni effects.

  • I have taken Tumeric extract and pomegranate extract capsules since 2006 when my cancer recurred after prostatectomy.

  • I also take Pomi-T. I am not sure of efficacy. There has been a study on Pomi-T.

  • Luke,

    Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for countless years. I thought you'd be interested in:


    Typically in PCa, the interest is in the curcumin component only. A big concern is bioavailability. The LEF product boasts 5 times the bioavailability of the basic extract. Not very impressive.

    Longvida is seriously bioavailable. It has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier:

    ... which is why NOW sells it as "CurcuBrain":


  • Hi pjoshea13,

    Do you know CuruBrain curcumin is made bioavailable? Is it proprietary information? I looked at their site, no info.

    (This site’s html text field is acting strange)

  • I use 1/2 inch of fresh tumeric root in a breakfast nutribullet smoothie of almond milk, strawberries, kale, apple, banana, and fresh ground flax seed.


  • Good tasting I am sure!

  • MSK has a good app About Herbs. Also a web version:

  • Boiling water ,shredad ginger , black pepper, honey and lemon one cup in the morning

  • I am using little different way ,but it works great

  • I just take the capsules.

  • Me too.