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I have read the posts of what others have been through and I feel like a triple AAA little-leaguer who hopes not to make the major leagues! I can only hope and pray they caught my very aggressive pca variant early enough. We shall see, but in the meantime I have been presented one more challenge as I threw caution in the wind six years ago and engaged in a startup business. This business required a great deal of up-front work to build a viable product (it's software), and took far longer than expected.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when I was diagnosed with pca and at the same time was informed by my business partner he was throwing in the towel so I was on my own. So it is likely I am merging with another company where I am bringing this very good but unfinished product into another startup.

So yes, I am dealing with T3a, intraductal Pca and am working for a startup that will require long hours of work. Just what I had always imagined when I turned 60!

This should be interesting. Very stressful but interestingly the need for me to make something happen for my family has diverted some of the stress from pca to fda (financial disaster avoidance!).

Thought I'd share because I am sure many others have had to face the dual issue of health and finances. And I am about to find out if I can suck it up and deal with this. Certainly will do my best, and am ready for the fight!

I feel somewhat embarrassed bringing this up knowing what others are facing, but it is nevertheless an interesting situation, and each of us have our unique story. This is mine.

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  • Burnett1948. I was in a similar situation in 2005. I resigned early from a good paying job I didn't have to and then found out next week I had Pca. At the same time I was told of a public servant who retired early to find out shortly after he had Pca. I struggled initially and survived. But it was hard. Best wishes who can't do anything but take one day at a time and get good advice and support. You have to have a go what else can we do.

  • The start-up sounds exciting. I hope you are able to continue to pursue it with gusto.

  • Hang in there! While it is nice to hear from someone else that has advanced Ductal cancer I wish you did not have it. Just remember, do not let it get you down that you have an advanced form of a rare cancer. There are a lot of guys here with Stage four that are celebrating 10 years plus and are still going down. Let's make a pack that we will wright a note here every year to celebrate us going strong.

    You have it harder than me as I took early retirement. Please know we are all pulling for you and your business!

  • Thanks Dr Who - yes every year we will do this. Speaking of one-year - congrats on your anniversary (I believe it was 4/18). I believe this is a fitting date for our one-year note as 4/18 is right after tax time. As they say, the only certainties in life are death and taxes, so if we make it past 4/15 we will have whipped one of the two for that given year!!!!

  • Sorry to hear about your case and the situation at diagnosis.

    Be optimistic throughout your journey. Pessimism is as bad as the cancer. Learn how to deal with the enemy you have confronted. Hope, gradually you will find solutions to all your problems and be comfortable with a "new normal"

    Best of luck


  • You will likely have some time to learn more about these aspects of life that have been brought to the fore by your cancer diagnosis, and then put some plans into place for the benefit and peace of mind for yourself and your family.

    Systematically perusing the first 25-50 of these topic specific Google Search hits, while taking notes, might prove worthwhile, or at least provide some food for thought.

    Working with cancer


    Estate planning cancer patients


    Small business succession planning


    Of course, discuss these issues within your family, too.

    Just some thoughts and links,


  • Financial burdens are often one of the tougher parts of fighting cancer, unfortunately. The need to provide while fighting cancer forces you to separate hard work from stress.

    Hard work and stress are separate choices. Most of us mix the two, using stress as a stick to get the most out of ourselves and our team. But we do not have that option anymore. Stress kills, and is not really a good motivator anyway.

    Focused, clear, and direct wins the day. Always planning and achieving, but not worrying about the work still to be done. In some ways cancer brings you to better behaviors and a joy in the preciousness of life.

    My best wishes to you. You will live many years even with your aggressive cancer. You have time. And as a small conciliation, Medicare covers cancer expenses very well when you reach sixty-five.


  • "Focused, clear, and direct wins the day". A simple but very powerful message. Thanks Bob

  • Thank you for sharing.

    Personally, I am of the opinion that we all have our story and we all have to face challenges which, to us, are the most important ones when they happen. So I think not sharing something here because we think that others have far bigger problems wouldn't be right.

    It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life right now. I wish you good luck with everything.

  • To Hankm,

    First of all, I would say all of us have been in the same boat so no need to apologize. We may all have unique stories but we all have the one thing in common, PCa. Second you have come to a great place for info and to vent your emotions. Third try to keep your spirits high and get yourself the best medical advice and personal referrals to professionals who specialize in PCa.

    Good Luck and Good Health to you. (I fight the fight with humor).

    j-o-h-n Monday 05/01/2017 11:00 AM EST

  • When you get taken out of the workforce as I did collecting disability.Spent a lot in the last 2 yrs on; Drs,treatments,alternative med ..Basically below the poverty line now.You are not alone in this. In fact millions struggle between eating or paying for meds..Good news today I had my 2nd yr of test showing no PC ,no mets and no bone problems ..It is possible to make things better for yourself..It will be a fight. One that I am on for the rest of my life..Good luck! Perseverence is nessesary in this fight.Your attitude is correct, keep it positive and that propels healing.

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