Has anyone taking Zytiga/Prednisone, tried stopping the Predinisone?

I am taking 5mg of prednisone daily, which seems to causing substantial stomach issues and edema. I did switch to taking the prednisone after big meals (dinner), which helps some days. Other days it does not. Has anyone tried taking Zytiga without Prednisone? Did you have any side effects as a result?


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  • The prednisone is to protect your liver from being damaged by the Zytiga. My prednisone side effect is easy bruising. I asked about cutting back from 10 mg daily to 5. My doctor agreed, & my liver function numbers are still good. You might want to consider that. Are you getting liver function tests every 30 days?


  • Just realized you're already on only 5 mg. My suggestion is to talk to your internist about treating your side effects with other meds, since the Zytiga is keeping you alive & the prednisone is keeping the Zytiga from wrecking your liver.

    Good luck! Please let us know here what happens.


  • What my Oncologist told me was at 5 mg the body still produces some, but at the higher dose the body stops producing what the prednisone replaces in the body.

    so 5 mg is good

  • I seem to recall someone substituted dexamethasone for the prednisone. It was in one of the discussions on this group several weeks ago. You might want to pursue that.


  • My dad just substituted dexamethozone for prednisone. Doing great on it and feels much better. It has to be taken with food.

  • Please do not stop the prednisone (OK to consider and discussing with your doctor replacing the prednisone with dexamethasone). Zytiga inhibits the functioning of the adrenal gland beyond just the production of testosterone. Adrenocortical Insufficiency (AI) - AI has been reported in men receiving Zytiga in combination with prednisone, after an interruption of daily steroids and/or with concurrent infection or stress. This can be very serious.


  • Listen to what Joel says. Addisons disease, look it up, is a nasty thing to have. I've been slacking on taking my Prednisone daily. Well, guess what? Not anymore, and screw the side effects. Hopefully you can switch to the other steroid. I also take a Protonix daily. It keeps my stomach in tune. I know it works cause I've been without for about a week, ugh.


  • Had discussion with Nurse at Drs office. Said they were more likely to reduce the Zytiga, to determine if it helps with side effects.

  • No way am I offering advice, but I've got to wonder why Yale Med's Petrylak insists that Prednisone is not necessary w/chemo? If my chemo included Pred and I was having any SEs, I'd want to know more about that.

    Similar question regarding Celebrex: the "literature suggests" (PubMedSpeak for "peer-reviewed research shows) that it works better than taxotere. So why are we all on taxotere? My guess, if that literature is substantial and credible, is momentum, or habit, or Big Pharma, as it seems to be with Lupron vs Firmagon.

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