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Relaxation CD

I want to mention a Relaxation CD that I have found helpful. It has a number of different techniques. The first two sections are instruction type talk. I found the 3rd ( 5 minutes of deep breathing) and the 4th (progressive muscle relaxation) to be the sections I use the most. There is also guided imagery, walking relaxation, and some others. Good voice and very quiet background music

Relaxation Techniques- Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Enhance Well-Being by Lillian Nejad PHD and Katerina Volny BSc

I bought it from Amazon



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I will give it a look. I have been trying to get back with meditation to help with my insomnia. Thank you.


1 have found 5 minutes of deep breathing or mindful breathing to be very relaxing and soothing as well. I try to do it several times a day.

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As a rule I use music in general for stress relief. Whatever you can zone into its possibly the best zone you can create. However It at times can be annoying to your significant other as I am able to completely engulf myself forgetting my surroundings OUR common affliction.

Good luck good Listening.


Sounds like a good idea.

There are also lots of relaxation music/video recordings on YouTube.



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