So sad has high sugars this round of blood work. They are prescribing metforin. Anyone on this? Side effects? Suggestions, warnings, etc. He's already doing docetaxal, dexamethozone, Lupron, xgeva, naproxen, LaCix. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

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  • Interesting reading on effects of metformin on prostate cancer also- google search will find lots

  • Thank you. I have read some research and of course will do more. Looking for some that may have first hand experiences.

  • Just upgraded from Lupron to Zytiga after many years. Been on Metformin and Glyburide for years (diabetes ) for years with no noted side effects, just eat something with the Glyburide. Change to Zytiga has me feeing much better with Norco for the occasional arthritic pain. Also new CPAP mask has me sleeping through the night (Dream Wear?) even when hooked up to heart monitor and urination bag. Sleeping better than a baby and walked over a mile today for first time in over two years. Age 78 with a lot of issues.

  • rmhammel: changed from lupron TO Zytiga? I thought the protocol was to substitute Zytiga for Casodex, but continue Lupron. whatever, keep it up, seems to be working for you!


  • Lupron put back; blood tests next week. Don't know why but feeling better.

  • I believe that metforin increased my neuropathy. Be aware of that. Have your B12 levels checked.

  • Thank you for that. I did read B12 should be taken with it. What did oncologist say about it increasing neuropathy? Did you wear ice mitts and boots during chemo? Thanks again.

  • He did not have anything to say about the neuropathy. I was prescribed Metformin at MD Anderson. No gloves during chemo. Neuropathy in hands did not start until 5 months after chemo. Metfomin was only likely culprit.

  • Hi @Noirhole, I've just started Docetaxel chemoptherapy (1 round so far). Can I ask about your comment "no gloves during chemo". I believe I read somewhere that some guys where gloves that have been soaked in water and put in the freezer, but I thought it was to stop finger nail problems. What do you believe about wearing gloves while taking chemo?

  • My doc put my fingertips against ice packs. No neuropathy in hands. Got them in feet though cause didn't protect them with something cold. I have those gloves now along with boots for feet and ice pack for my head. I didn't use anything for my head but it came out ok today. Got to protect your fingertips though. Equipment were expensive.

  • Do you just use the gloves and boots, while the infusion is taking place?

  • Yes.

  • i hear a package of frozen green peas works as well.

  • I was dxd Type 2 in 1991 and have been on Metformin since '92. Never had a problem. Had no idea it helps us with our PCa but am obviously continuing with it and others as PCa drugs now destroying my diabetic control. But hey ho - PSA this week down from 0.060 to 0.030. Thank you Zytiga (and maybe Metformin).

  • Re: "PCa drugs now destroying my diabetic control" ...

    If yours is Type II, few doctors know it's usually curable and reversible with zero drugs, zero risk, zero (actually negative) cost, negative effort, and only positive side effects because the drug companies don't inform them.

    Metformin is in my new drug list because of its anti-cancer benefits (it's part of Leibowitz's anti-angiogenesis cocktail), and I had forgotten that it also lowers blood sugar. No WONDER my serum glucose yesterday was the best it's been in decades, and that was just after a main meal. Rats! Here I thought it was due solely to my own efforts.

  • Its Baaaack

    "No WONDER my serum glucose yesterday was the best it's been in decades, and that was just after a main meal." What was your glucose score?


  • 83 ... half an hour after my biggest meal of the day. It had been in the 88-92 range while fasting for the test for decades before creeping up to ~115 as my insulin resistance increased over the past 6-8 years. That's a harmful, dangerous, prognostic step towards full blown Type II land. I was bringing it back down slowly with modest dietary changes, but Metformin REALLY kicked its ass. Let's hope it fights cancer as well as it fights glucose. Let's also hope it fights the whole metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance cascade rather than just artificially lowering glucose. I gather without confirmation that the bigger danger of prediabetes lies in its insulin levels more than in its glucose levels, per se. Regardless, that freight train is easier to prevent than to stop or reverse.

  • Great! I will be geting metformin next month for its Pca fighting capabilities. I am a diabetic who had a glucose score of 139 and A1c of 7.1. However, with good nutrition it is now a glucose score of 103 and A1c of 5.8 without drugs.


  • I far prefer using nutrition rather than drugs to cure and reverse diseases such as pre- or full T2 diabetes, but since Metformin appears to fight PC directly and help turn chemotherapy from immune-system suppressing to enhancing, I'll enjoy its serendipitous glucose (and hopefully insulin) benefit.

  • I too will use metformin to fight PCa.


  • I've been on metformin for over a year. No side effects.

  • I have been on metformin for more than 5 years: 1000mg with breakfast and 1000mg with supper. My primary health care doc started me on metformin after I had been on Lupron for 5 years and was worried about a slide into "metabolic syndrome." What we didn't know at the time is how metformin's regulation of blood levels may also cause a major slowing down in metastases' growth. My files now have 30 articles hinting at this. Neither I nor my docs are aware of any side effects for me personally. This coming week will be my 38th visit to the NIH in Bethesda for a clinical trial pairing enzalutamide with Prostvac-Tricom injections; I am currently the 2nd-longest surviving person on the study and last month the Principle Investigator told me that I "had busted all the statistics." My own theory is that metformin has helped keep my body more stable so that enzalutamide (and maybe Prostvac) has been able to do its work!

  • what's the trial ID? Or a link into

  • 13-C-0146 @ the NIH. It is no longer admitting new participants but continues to treat current enrollees.

  • 1. It is a "miracle drug" good for a number of things including losing weight, some indirect impact on prostate cancer, may be good for extending life (same biochemical effect as dietary restriction).

    2. Can have adverse gastro-intestinal effects.

  • went on metformin for Pca--after 4 months had several violent diarrhea attacks and had to stop--did drop my weight nicely before problem-no effect on PSA or blood sugar that I could see.

  • I've been taking Metformin. No side effects noticed.

  • I've been on metformin since 2015 for PCa no side effects I'm aware of but stomach upset at first but not now. Take with food!

  • My only negative side effect has been loose stools, but it is very manageable. My PSA doubling time has decreased probably from the Metformin.


  • Joel,

    When I see your urologist next week; before I read your post, I was going to ask him about me going on Metformin.


  • mine wont do it. get sent me to an endochronologist. He said, if its for the cancer effect, the oncologist should prescribe it.

  • Sorry to hear that. I went to my dads family doctor and asked him to prescribe from his last blood work and for the current research with PCa. He wrote the script and smiled as I left and said- "keep it up. Your dad is in good hands with you". It's this group I have to thank for all my knoweldege and options to help him fight. So again THANK YOU. 🙏🏻

  • Joel,

    So I am not misunderstood, I still am postive on Metformin.


  • See my post of a few months ago:

    "Non-PCa Prescription Drugs: Metformin"


  • Can't go out without it [1500 mg/day].


  • I do not go out without it [1500 mg/day].


  • Been on met forming for like 4 years. No problems that I attribute to met formin.

  • statin, aspirin, metformin. Dr Moyad of PCRI.

  • Put me in the anti-aspirin (except for maybe after a first heart attack) and anti-statin columns, and on metformin only for cancer.

  • will do.