Directions so others can follow you. FYI ;)

Just a FYI...For your information ;)

There is a place to check so others may follow you on this site. I have tried to follow quite a few but not able to do so. Great if you don't want any followers....but just in case you don't mind......

Under your own profile....

Go to:


Contact preferences....... and at the bottom of that will need to check ..let others follow me.

Just some FYI ;)

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  • I just checked my settings and they are set up so others can follow.

  • And I still am not able to follow you or many others.

  • Go to my name and click on it then on the right hand side click on follow so simple! Im folllowing you now!

  • Won't work Jeff54 ;) Keeps saying refresh page that something went wrong.

  • I am stupid. Want to follow you. Did not work.

  • Has not been working for me either Dr_WHO. ;)

  • Are Patrick O'Shea, Nalakrats or Dave21 among the people either of you are trying to follow? I'd sure like to follow them if we can get it fixed.

  • Yes. Some Neal ;) but more.

  • Have you gotten the word to Someone In Charge, Jackie? I hope to hell that's the right name. My brain is 75, even though I don't look it.


  • Lol Neal. I've inquired a couple times. I'm 52 and my brain can't remember s#$! ;)))

    No worries. ....but I am Jackie lol

  • It's always a pleasure nowadays when I trust my memory & my memory rewards my trust!

    It's awfully hard to know what portion of memory problems are what. Almost all of us have some amount of difficulty remembering things, even when we're young. Which you still are.

    When I have memory problems now, I don't know whether I would have had the problem when I was a child of 52, or whether it's aging (but that's my usual suspect if I can't retrieve a word I know), or if it's the stress of cancer. I started having more short-term memory problems as soon as I knew I had micrometastases after my RP in 2003. And I think for a spouse or similarly close person, the stress level is similar.

    But anyhow, I'm really glad you're Jackie, Jackie!


  • Lolol....thanks Neal and stress can do that ;)

    I hope you're hanging in there and having some type of fun :)



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