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The paper below is a good overview on Provenge. What bothers me is that there was no significant effect on time to disease progression a negative....overall survival was increased by 4 months a positive. What I would want to know is could Provenge treatment effect the immune system in a way that could make newer immune treatments in the pipeline less effective.


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  • I believe Provenge is like last years Thanksgiving leftovers. I can see in communications with my Clinical Trials Navigator--[if you do not have one you should], that Provenge is still in different trials, but being used in combination with other specialized drugs. Provenge was an ice breaker--newer treatments being worked on--took lessons from the Provenge Adventure---4 month average added life for the amount of money, is a bit ripe. Also having a Geneticist as well as Clinical Trials Navigator, is a must, even for those that do not need advanced treatments yet.

    There are some exciting advances in immunology science--the ones that have left the current Paradigm!! Many of these far out investigations are available to those who know how to get hooked in, if you meet certain parameters. But you have to have your bags packed--as they may be anywhere in the world--luckily most are here. There is a good amount in Israel, Europe, even South Korea and Japan. We all need to do what we need to do to stay on this side of the dirt.

    Real remissions is not that far off in my opinion. Added to that the Cancer Moonshot just signed into law by Congress 10 days ago, will add 2 billion to cancer research. This will stop researchers who have ideas, and design modalities from having to beg for private money. One week till fishing!


  • Nal,

    How do I go about getting a clinical trials navigator


  • From the Cancer Research Institute. 855-216-0127. Ask to be directed to a navigator. You will be asked questions about your Pca--what have you failed--like ADT, Radiation, Xtandi,--Reason is you have had to fail 2 protocols, to qualify to be a test subject.

    Ask whoever you get, to e-mail some typical clinical trials in your area, or with in a 500 mile area--that are on-going--those you may qualify for. Even if you do not qualify, like myself--ask for a list of those that if you did not fail enough to study. You get the whole deal of each--trial--Doctors, Trial Administrator. E-mails and Telephone #s ---I wouldn't' t bother the people, at the trials--hawking for info. Use the info wisely. I received 14 trials on my e-mail just 4 months out of DX. The day I asked--they e-mailed me that day.

    It was very interesting reading--and there will be things you will be binging/googling in the trials to keep up with the procedures/chemicals and drugs. Understanding a whole trial takes some knowledge. If you have trouble get back to me--I can give you an extension to my Navigator--He may not be able to take on anymore---they deal with all cancers.


  • This is true. With Provenge neither the PSA is affected nor do we see a change in disease progression. This is because Provenge takes a good number of months before it actually starts having an effect on the immune system.

    Theoretically, by the time we are able to see an affect on either the PSA or disease progression we have gone on to another treatment so that we would not be able to know which treatment has given us a positive result.

    This delay does not mean that the treatment does not have a positive affect.


  • Also, Provenge does not increas life by an average of 4 months. The increase of 4 months is the median survival advantage. The Provenge survival curves are not standard bell curves. The survival curves are skewed significantly towards the survival side, the survival curves have an amazingly long tail. This is not a minor point given that 1/2 of men (in the trial) had an even larger survival experience with some going out in a very long time.


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