Cancergraph Free Download in Android & iOS

Cancergraph is now a free download for Android and Apple iPhone's, worldwide.

Cancergraph tracks your cancer symptoms and side effects over days, months and years. Designed by cancer survivors and caregivers, Cancergraph focuses on the unique experiences we face with cancer.

Cancergraph saves time and prevents confusion during your doctor meetings.

Cancergraph serves as a memory tool, giving you and your doctors reliable reports about your day-to-day cancer-related experiences. It's easy to set up: choose from a list of symptoms and side effects, and you're done. Cancergraph creates a report that you can view on their phone, print out or email to doctors.

You can also take disease- and symptom-related photos to be added to a secure photo storage area on your phone. All data is under your control. You can delete your entire Cancergraph at any time.

Cancergraph was created by the national men's cancer survivor nonprofit, Malecare. It was funded entirely by individual donations.

Please download Cancergraph now and see for yourself how easy and useful it is.

11 Replies

  • What a fine piece of work. Instead of sending my GP notes on the areas she is 'responsible' for and different material to my Oncology team they may now receive the same info. Thanks Darryl

  • Whenever I click 'record my symptoms', I get 'api general error' on my Nexus 6. I tried to submit a note via Help, but the captcha was missing, so I couldn't submit anything.

  • I will look into this for you. Thanks!!!

  • Darryl, Any way you can have this app for a PC/laptop.

  • Not right now.

  • Can you try this again? Also please tell me which android Operating system you are using. Thanks

  • I tried to log in rather than create another account and got 'api general error'. My OS is Android 6.0.1.

  • Cancergraph also works on iPads and tablets

  • Can't download Cancergraph for Android - S/W - version 5.1 - It says it's "INSTALLED" nowhere to be found- ZTE Z936l

  • Can you "search" for installed apps on your phone?

  • The original attempt was the trough the PC link on the website - didn't work..

    Went trough the Phone, Play Store - Malecare / Cancergraph - Pulled it in..

    Thanks. - I'll give it a onceover


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