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After years of short continence, about an hour, following HDR brachytherapy, I am using condom catheter with GREAT success. There are a few tricks to using it and I am 100% disabled vet so cost is not issue for equipment, but I can SLEEP more than 5 hours at a clip vice 1-2 hours. Previous foley gave me urosepsis so I would advise anything to avoid that.

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  • Which condom catheter are you using? I an in the same position can only sleep an hour at a time using pads ...and then I leak through. Thank you in advance. Lawrence Siegfried

  • Larry, computer died so getting back as soon as I can. First the parts: condom is from Freedom, Clear Advantage Aloe Vera, Male external catheter from Coloplast, 23mm, Ref 2330130, 6100,6130. That must be more info than you need. Other part is Bard Latex-Free Center Entry Closed System Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti -reflux Device and Bard EZ-Lok Sampling Port, 2 liter capacity. Both are one shot items. There are a lot of tricks to install and remove which I can explain if we go further. Condom has some sticky substance inside and you roll it on from the tip, fairly tricky. Bag attached by friction with no issues. I put bag in bucket beside bed, I sleep on left side and bucket is on floor but never had anything slip off, believe me. Rolling the condom on the soft target and removal are the tricky parts. I use a short elastic with Velcro on ends to go around leg above need to support tubing and serve as point to drop to the bucket. Anymore description from me will need you to have items. Got mine from VA.

  • PS do some trimming of shrubbery before attempting condominium use. Also use Neosporin after removal for soothing. You will need adhesive remover as you slowly remove condom by rolling it off. I also think my holding time is improving during day.

  • Thank you I contacted the VA today ...and they are going to order me a freedom condom size small .. we'll see how that goes ...Thank you for the detailed info and I will forward that to my local CA clinic or the Pharmacy here in Tampa if need be ..I am also looking for a daily device I can walk around with .. ir :smaller leg mounted bag. I will keep you in the loop.Thanks Again

  • I am totally incontinent and have used a "Men's Liberty" manufactured by Bioderm for 1+ years. It attaches to the penis with an 8oz bag. You apply Bio Plus no-sting barrier film before attaching. This protects the skin; apply the Men's Liberty and remove by spraying "FreeDerm" that helps remove the Men's Liberty very easily without any irritation. I change mine every day. It is covered by Medicare unless you have Home Health services. They also have a leg bag that attaches to the Men's Liberty where more than 8oz is needed to service your needs. I just started using the leg bag as I will be having a stent placed from my right kidney to my bladder so I can remove the drain from my right kidney. I already have a stent from my left kidney to my bladder so the leg bag is necessary to service the amount of urine on a less frequent basis. Bioderm has a website that is helpful to understand their product. Their telephone number is 800-792-4115. If I can help further, let me know.

    Dewayne Harris

  • Thanks Dewayne I am going to check this for more options. I am the "toilet guy" having also a colostomy since 2004. Have one stent still in place as I finish kidney stone treatments. Ain't medicine fun!

  • Forgot to mention, this application is best when you have some assistance from a caretaker, etc.. More difficulty putting on by yourself. What works for one person does not always work for the other. Have a blessed day!

  • Hi,

    I have a son who is a nurse and he suggests using tape to secure the condom ... do you have a comment and do you use tape?


  • Not needed and possibly very uncomfy.

  • Thanks for your quick reply ... check out my entries above relating to Astragalus 8 and the Gallium 8 nuclear scan - can detect down to 2 microns ... absolutely the latest. With that scan I've got a couple of spots across kidney level but you don't do anything about these at 2 microns.



    I suggest you all check into Coloplast's Conveen Active leg bag (see link above). Totally different from the floppy leg bags. Has adhesive patches on back and a fabric wrap that goes around the thigh closing with velcro. This is so secure you could jog with this bag on. The adhesive on the back is amazing in that you can take the bag off and put it back on repeatedly without affecting the adhesive. The velcro wrap fails before the adhesive as it gets streched out of shape. I think Medicare says it should last two weeks. I changed mine about every 5 days. The biggest negative is it's capacity is small and has a tap at the bottom allowing you to drain it as needed.

    Coloplast also has its own adhesive condoms coming in a couple different sizes. Its important to get the size right to avoid slippage or difficulty applying it. You can call Coloplast and talk to them as they are great help. I suggest nobody bother with a condom that does not have adhesive, given my experience.

    Good luck brothers.

    Stan Maggi

  • Thanks Stan.

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