Just had robotic surgery

Hiya i had my prostate out 2 1/2 weeks ago l im sort of doing fine although I did develope Hemroids from been constipated which are getting better the only problem i have now since having the catheter removed 3 days ago i can't stop leaking, i am fine while sitting its just everytime I moved around I leak and have no feeling or the need to go to the toilet at all, I have continued with the pelvic floor exercises but so far nothing has improved, am I been a little premature and hoping to get better too quickly or must I be one of the unlucky ones that can take upto 12 months for this to correct it self.

With my job I am on my feet all day and moving around so this could be a big problem.

Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I began doing the Kegel exercises before my surgery, but had leakage such as you mention, when the catheter was removed.

    For me, it was a case of being mindful of any movement that might set it off, & doing the exercise just before beginning to move.  The most difficult thing was tensing the muscles before a sneeze - not enough warning sometimes.

    Within a short time, it became second nature to tense before standing, etc.


  • Hi Patrick thanks for your help ill give that a try for sure, how is yours now has it stopped and when did you have the OP.



  • Hi Gary,

    My RP was 12 years ago.  Apparently it was a bloody affair, due to strangely situated blood vessels.  The surgeon said he hardly ever needed to use patient blood, but used both units I had put aside.  I guess I was lucky to quickly gain urinary control, under the circumstances.

    But if I hear or see something that strikes me as being very funny, laughing can still cause a dribble after all these years.  It's not a bad tradeoff; one laughs less & less with age, I find.  I suppose we have heard all the good jokes.

    The other thing is that I never put off going for a pee if I feel the urge.  I have control, but never push my luck.


  • I had my robotic surgery about three years ago and was afraid of losing control but besides wearing depends as a preventative measure for the first few weeks, then using pads afterword, I had minimal leakage. Only a few embarrassing moments, when I didn't make it to the bathroom on time in the middle of the night. I have never regretted my decision to have the procedure even though sex for me will never be the same. My wife has been very supportive and we have a somewhat modified sex life. The main thing is I am cancer free and am healthy. If I can help answer any questions please ask.    -Paul

  • Hi Paul thanks for your reply a couple of people have mentioned depends what are these i was just given pads.



  • I have been using pads since my radiation several years ago. They are called Male Guards or Male Shields and adhere to your undershorts (briefs work best). They're triangular, deodorize, cmfortablly designed to fit our male junk. I am now using "moderate" rating. I wear one a day. 

  • I had my DaVinci Robotic Radical Prostatectomy  in February 2013 at City of Hope done by the Chief of Urologic Oncology. I had been having incontinence problems with an enlarged prostate for two years. The doctor did warn me of what to expect with incontinence, ED, needing a catheter, etc and I received options, alternatives, instructions on Kegels, and I started taking daily Cialis right after surgery. I did have leaking at times and used Depends daily for awhile then later shields. I have had check-ups every 6 months with negative PSA's.   I have had fewer problems with incontinence after surgery than pre-surgery. Maybe because I had so much trust in my doctor and hospital, whatever problems I had were expected. I have learned to go to the bathroom before I get a really strong urge. I occasionally have problems when standing up after reclining to sleep for a few hours or when laughing but otherwise after 12 months I had great control with few accidents unless I had a very deep sleep of more than 6 hours. The ED also gradually improved to normal after the first 12 months. I am happy I opted for the operation. Good luck and best wishes to you.   


  • Hi Eldridge thanks for your reply sounds good mate I am hopeful as well my incontinence will get better soon I'll no doubt have to try a few things in the early days of returning to work in about 4 weeks time, standing on my feet and walking around all shift at work isn't going to be easy, i may have to try a clamp or band for a few months i guess, what are depends?

    Thanks again


  • Depends are basically adult diapers in the form of absorbent underwear available at any number of drug stores and grocery stores in the United States, don't know if they are available where you are if you are not aware of them. 

  • Thanks Dhesser will look at those too cheers

  • You may be expecting to much to soon. Keep up the kale exercises. In the mean time you can buy small pads that stick to your underwear. They work well for small leaks.

  • Don't panic after 2½ weeks, it's not long at all; you have plenty of time for your continence to improve. Being constipated doesn't help the incontinence, and if you're still taking any pain meds you're much more likely to be constipated, besides which you're most likely not getting any where near the level of exercise you usually get. So...a little patience (or maybe a lot!) is useful here. Meanwhile sue what you need, diapers, pads, whatever. If the situation is extreme you can even get an external catheter (not at all like the other catheter you had--it doesn't go in you, thank goodness).

    As you can see from other folks comments you can have minor incontinence (when sneezing, whatever) for a long time and maybe always, but chances are you're still going to have significant improvement in the next few months. Only a few people end up (like me) needing sling surgery or some other procedure, but you're nowhere near the time when you need to worry about that.

  • Hi Jim thanks for the reply I stopped taking pain killers about 1 week ago due being constipated and having hemorrhoids both of which have nearly cleared up maybe i am expecting too much to soon i do my pelvic exercises every day and will be back to my long walking tomorrow. It obviously worrying when everytime i stand up it just flows out, see how the next month goes before i go back to work..

    Thanks again


  • Glad this was helpful, Chubby 42--just remember, too, that the inside of your body in that area has received a serious injury (which made possible the removal of the cancer, of course!) and it will take a while to heal. The timetable for this healing--well, it's independent of our desires for it to be rapid. But it does have a timetable of its own, and it will heal.

  • Too true Jimreilly 

    Many thanks again.


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