Advanced Prostate Cancer
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My Story

In January, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and when I questioned the Doctor about treatment, he told me that since I was 200 lbs. overweight, had high blood pressure, and a border-line diabetic, not to worry about it cancer because I would probably be dead within ten years. Fast-forward to now...I lost 200 lbs and have my 33'' waist back, was able to treat my cancer with Brachytherapy , my PSA is staying below 1, so now I assume I have more than 10 years to live.

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It occurred to me, when I was researching what men with PCa die of (because we, famously, die with PCa - not of it - LOL), that men who deal with all of the metabolic issues that increase their risk of CVD, diabetes, etc., are actually increasing their PCa mortality risk by eliminating competing risks.

But I no longer believe that. Addressing the metabolic issues - including high BMI - lessens the risk of death from PCa too. Metabolic factors act across the board & worsen any chronic disease.

My sister has multiple myeloma. She got a kick out of an email I sent her last year: "We may have serious cancer, but at least we have our health!"

Of course, something will kill us, but it doesn't have to happen prematurely because we failed to address correctible metabolic problems. Something as simple as reducing fasting glucose is a start. One's doctor might be OK with it being 99, but <85 is something to aim for. Every point counts.


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How did you loose the 200lbs...three cheers to you for that!


Old School.... Diet and Exercise

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Not necessarily but good job on getting yourself healthy.


With the advice your doctor gave you I would be changing my doctor ... I have grave doubts that most respected urologists would not have given you the advice your did and would have treated you. 

Talk to other prostate cancer patients within the range of your treatment/symptoms and gauge how empathetic their doctors have been.

I'm currently under the care of a prominent Radio Oncologist and a renowned Medical Oncologist both of whom consult and arrange treatments which are covered by the Medicare system for pensioners here in Australia.



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