Advanced Prostate Cancer

urinary incontinence 3 years after surgery

While I was able to give up the diapers 1 year after prostatectomy surgery, I still leak small amounts in the evenings...which can be embarrassing and a pain....

I do Kegels whenever I am in urinating in the bathroom....3 second hold, 3 second flow, repeat...

which does help I believe...

Don't know that this is bad enough for me to wear a clamp or get a procedure....


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Does your leaking keep you from doing things, like going out to dinner or sleeping through the night?


No....only once did it wake me up





Deciding if you should have a surgical intervention is very much a personal decision. It really depends on how the leakage is interfering with you life.

You didn't share how long ago the surgery was, you only told us that you were able to stop using diapers a year after surgery.

Have you tried using a pad in your underpants? They do come in different absorbancies and they might resolve your evening concerns without having to resort to invasive surgery.

As you decide, remember that surgery doesn't come with any guarentees. There are always inherent risks with any invasive proceedure and it might not resove your problem. If you do decide to have surgery, always seek out the doctor who has the most experience. There is a lot of evidence that shows that there are better outcomes with the increasing level of experience of the surgeon.

Also, don't forget to remain vigilant and get your follow-up PSA tests regualarly.


I wear pads for long plane flights


I used pads inside my Depends underwear!


I wear pads. Choose the right sizes for your specific leaks.


I too wear pads. Surgery five years ago and still leak. I use the pads for comfort and protection.


Check out a new device called Men's Liberty...Recently covered by Medicare. GOOGLE it. I am waiting for my supply to arrive next week.


I hope it works and you are satisfied with it.  Let us know.



After a cystoscopy my urologist found no new problems (cancer), so I use the drug Myrbetric for about a week once daily and I no longer use pads. I stop the Myrbetric for 3 or 4 weeks until I need it again. Due to 72 radiations, the first third of the inside of my penis has spongiofibrosis. So once week for 3 minutes I use a catheter and it smooths out the inside of the penis so the flow is normal again. No big deal, but I have normal urine passing now.

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I take Detrol LA daily and it works great for me. I know that I am very fortunate.


Keep doing kergel exercises every day using a basketball between your legs when doing the kergel exercises Dont laugh it worked for me! I leaked for about 8 months after my Radical Prostatomy and I never thought that I would ever be normal again! But I did not give up! After that I was afraid that I would leak in work and had to bring pads with me every day. Keep your positive attitude and dont ever give up!


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