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Anybody treat their adhd through telepsychiatry?

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Ever since the start of covid, there's been a bunch of websites the legitimately treat adhd over the internet and either ship your meds straight to you or send it to your pharmacy. Has anyone here tried any of them and can you vouch for the quality? Seems more than legit to me and much more convenient that a monthly trip to the office.

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Hello Jonghee, I'm new here so take my advice with a grain of salt. I did extensive research on these websites and here is my conclocion. If all you need is the meds, these websites are perfect, they are very efficient and they mean business. Pay your monthly fees (about $200) you get your prescription on time. But if you are looking for a comprehensive ADHD treatment with a doctor who listens to you and creates an individualized treatment plan for you, telepsychiatry is not the right place for that.

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jonghee in reply to Ramster001

Thanks, Ramster001. For me, this sounds ideal as I've been treated for years and the convenience factor is very appealing. I find that books and therapists/coaches are more effective for an individualized plan. Good luck and stay safe.

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