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Accident Prone

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Pretty frustrated. Broke my gate a few days ago. Backed my car into the garage door this morning as I was backing out. My wife is so gracious. But it still suuuuuuu…….uuuuuuucks. Had to take a breath there.

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Had to chuckle. In the past, I’ve broken our garage door twice when my hatch was up and the door wasn’t quite up enough. Ugh. so I commiserate with you. Thank the good Lord for compassionate and understanding spouses!

Husband does this all the time....passenger side of the truck has more paint transfer from the garage door casing than I care to think about....we finally figured out it's easier for him to back it in.... and we keep a supply of garage door molding in stock at all times 😁

I only broke my arm once playing football, because I tripped on my own teammate. But, I do often hit things, bang my head, etc. My attention span is weak, and I get distracted by my own thoughts. I am slower at reacting to things. One thing lately, I get annoyed by rush-rush people. If a car turns the corner and suddenly is right in front of me, I only indignantly move just enough out of the way. Sometimes, I get mad and say "Oh. I am coming up to this horrible intersection on my walk. Someone will zap around the corner all of a sudden! I hate how people drive so fast".

I want to drive fast, but I don't because I know it can not just hurt me, but others around me. I have a bit of rush on the inside, but I don't let come out to bother others. At least I try not to, because I know I would be annoyed by that as well.

My wife constantly tells never look before you move, you are going to bang your head or something real bad one day! One time I was reading a magazine and there was a loud noise, bang outside, caught my attention and I looked up, dropping the magazine between my legs. I sensed this and bent down very quickly to snatch it up and got poked in the eye with the corner of the magazine page, giving myself a paper-cut on my eyeball! Hurt like I can not describe, off to the emergency room, couple of pain relieving eye drops put in and sent home. Healed up in a week and good as before. I try constantly to slow down and think before I act, but always takes a lot of effort to do so. I'm 58 and still standing upright and walking so I must be doing something right! My point is, try to take it in stride, slow down if possible, and learn to laugh at yourself, that is most important in my opinion.

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I hope your eye is better now. At least you have the best, unique injury story. Ok I feel like I’m with my kind of people now.

It is not that you are accident prone- sounds like you have the in attentive type of ADHD as I do. You don't notice things or forget to check - like is garage dooropen or closed. A good friend of mine who has a son with ADHD just laughed and said you just have to get more car insurance than the average person- all too true- was in rush a few months ago to get to store an "forgot to check road in both directions before making left out of a parking lot onto road - well another fender bender- every time I had no accidents for a while and think my insurance rate will now go down - BAM! Are you on any meds- and try try to take a deep breath and stop before starting to drive - and to accomplish any task- I find mindfulness meditation a great help and so is soothing music - and not trying to jam too many things into a day- and allowing extra time for tasks- like if you estimate something will take 20 minutes when doing your daily to DO list - put 40 minutes next to that item- rushing to get from one place to another and fgrom one task to another makes those of us with the inattentive ADHD make errors or have accidents- give yourself a break- No negative self talk

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Thank you! Good and supportive group of people here.

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