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ADHD Misdiagnosed as Bipolar 46 years


Was misdiagnosed with bipolar mood disorder (manic depression) from age 18 to age 64 when ADHD was diagnosed 2 years ago, a lifelong condition. I've gone through a myriad of different ADHD meds and am now on 60 mg Straterra plus 30 mg Vyvanse both first thing in the AM. But I continue to look for better focus and clarity without affecting my sleep; poor sleep was my original issue as an 18-year-old which resulted in my original, and lifelong, misdiagnosis. But I'm always curious which meds, or combinations that other ADHD sufferers are using with success? And What foods or supplements do you find helpful? Protein is my favorite type of food. Thanks to all for sharing. This is a great group to learn from!

If you have sleep issues, check out

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I started taking sonata for sleep a few months ago and it has really helped me. It’s a short acting drug to help me fall asleep because I don’t have a problem staying asleep as long as I’m able to fall asleep.

I took a small dose of seroquel for sleep for a long time and when I used to have the name brand, I didn’t have major issues like I did when I took the generic. After about a year on the generic, I noticed my cognitive functioning becoming soooo much worse. I remember calling a client to schedule a meeting and as soon as we hung up I forgot if the meeting was scheduled or not so I had to call back, and I felt so stupid. That scared me because if I continued to do things like that, it could have had the potential to have a really negative impact on my career. I stopped taking that immediately even though my dumb dr said it had nothing to do with the my short term memory feeling worse than ever. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him because a few weeks later I was back to normal, well, normal for me. Lol

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