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Medication help please...


I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD and at the age of 42 I've just started taking Ritalin (10mg 3 x daily). One month in and I'm still yet to see some significant improvements and wondering how long it took before you could tell the meds were working? I know it's trial and error with meds, but apart from a boost in motivation after taking it, that's about all I can say that I've benefited from, which is still fabulous. I'm struggling too with the peri menopausal symptoms too, which can often increase ADHD. Can anyone please recommend some natural therapies which might work well with Ritalin eg. hormone supplements (but not the pill) to boost decreasing hormone levels. Lastly, should I be feeling more than what I am on Ritalin or could it be possible that it's not really boosting me as it should?

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Hello! I’m 47 and was just diagnosed today. My peri menopausal symptoms really made it all manifest. I know what you are feeling. I haven’t yet started medication, but will be. I’m curious to see what feedback you get since I’m in the same situation.


Ive heard people rave about Vitex chasteberry

39 years old and had the same problem. Doctor set me up on vyvanse 70mg per day and it has changed my life.

Johnooo in reply to Itsmemcm

Are you still on vysanse and did it stop


Go with vyvsnse.

I started in sept after fighting for it from April.

It’s so smooth.

I was taking 10x10mg Ritalin and it was just up and down.

I know I’m not a women but this drug does have a smoother ride plus your not so dependent on it the next day so if you wake up late and take it it’s fine plus you don’t crash at the end of the day like concerta

I'm in the same boat as you! Just got diagnosed at 44 an am starting out on 10mg Ritalin as well. So far, not sure. I did get some incredible morning bringing and dizziness one morning. I'm also in college and hoping it helps with the focus problem I face when a lot is being thrown at me. Been about 2 weeks. I think it helps with focous.

toobusy7 in reply to kami73

I'm considering switching my meds, and wondering if Ritalin helps with excessive overtalking and interrupting also?

Most people report immediate benefits. I do not know the dosage ranges for Ritalin, but the doctor may be starting with a small dose. You may be the 20-30% that do not respond, though if the diagnosis and prescription are coming from primary care, I would recommend going to a specialist for a full evaluation. There are other issues that can mirror the symptoms of ADHD.

Thanks for your support! Yes, from what my psychiatrist has told me, ADHD can exacerbate menopausal type symptoms, however I'm still not 100% certain that Ritalin is doing what it should be doing (been on it now for just over 4 weeks). The brain fog has gone, and have momentary bursts of energy but that's about it. The focus part is non existent. Might be time to revisit psych and see if I need to change meds or give it a bit longer to take effect. Will continue taking Magnesium and fish oil along with the Ritalin for further help too. Good luck on your journeys and thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it.

For menopause symptoms, I have gotten great benefits from L-Citrulline, an amino acid derived from watermelon and readily available at vitamin/health stores. It increases nitric oxide production in your circulatory system, which is also something estrogen does. Still working on the AD[H]D side of things...

Even natural supplements will take time to see change. Some people say they see change 4weeks-6-12 months on RX and supplements. Anyhow, Please checkout this link. It may be helpful.

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