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Hello.. My name is Debi.. I have struggled my entire life with staying focused . Never diagnosed with ADHD. Now that I am older, 53. I thought all the symptom I am experienced was due to menopause. After researching ADHD... I am very curious if I have actually had ADHD my entire life.

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Hi Debit! I have a very similar story. I am 55 and was officially diagnosed about four months ago with combined adhd. The symptoms seem to get worse with the change of hormone levels. Plus, maybe we become worn out from holding it together all these years, but I am going to see if the depression and anxiety I have been diagnosed with and treated for all these years could possibly have stemmed from untreated adhd all along. I would encourage you to get tested so you can get the tools you need to feel better. In order to also eliminate any effects of estrogen depletion, I am seeking bioidenticsl hormone replacement therapy. Its amazing to me that all these years there has been a reason for what I would feel and do. Now I can attempt to master it. You can do it too.


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