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Has anyone read and used the methods outlined in "The Mindfulness Prescription" by Lydia Zylowska?

Searching for answers for my adult son. I found this book at the library, and am interested in any comments from other readers.

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I have been using the methods in this book for several months, and have been more than pleased with the results. The CD that accompanies the book is very useful, too. Mindfulness is not the same thing as meditation, which I tried at one time with disappointing results. Mindfulness teaches the value of being present in the moment with awareness, curiosity, and acceptance. The Zylowska book is a great example of "learning by doing." The author shows you, chapter by chapter, techniques and practices which quickly build on one another, resulting in using mindfulness easily and effectively in every area of life. As an ADDult, I struggled with the usual executive function problems, with anxiety, with out-of-control emotions, etc. As I am 64 years old, diagnosed at age 53, I thought nothing could help me with these problems, but mindfulness really has. It has helped me learn patience and self-compassion, and also how to recognize and label the negative emotions that hold me back, which in turn helps me to observe these emotions non-judgmentally rather than being caught up in and controlled by them. This book has given me hope and helped me make progress against my ADD, and I can't say enough in its praise. I highly recommend it. It is written in a practical, down-to-earth style that is easily understood, and the exercises are easy to follow and consume only a few minutes a day. You will find yourself enjoying them and looking forward to them. The whole book offers an abundance of techniques on how to make life with ADD easier. It has given me a great boost in self-esteem! If your son reads this book and follows its advice, he will definitely benefit. Best of luck!



Dear Lesley,

Thank you SO MUCH for the time you took to write about your experiences with this book. It helps so much to know of your successes, and I will be passing your comments along to my son when I give it to him.

Best wishes in your journey.

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