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I am 19. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in elementary school. I haven't taken Adderall in over 12 years. Due to my job being a trainer in fast food, I am multi-tasking doing 5 things at once (Taking order, money, handing out food, callouts, listening to two separate people at once, etc.) Well, When I go to sit down and learn I can not focus in my college classes, So my doctor prescribed me 20mg Adderall, and to take it 30mins before class to give it time to kick in. Well, So far it hasn't helped me concentrate, just makes me fidget a little more, gives me cotton mouth, then a couple hours later I crash while I'm at work. How do I know when it is working, or if it is working. I really need help being able to focus in my classes, I can't fail. Is my dose to high, or low? How do I bring up if it's not working to my doctor, with out sounding like a druggy?

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Hi there!

I have had a psychiatrist tell me that you should feel the effects of stimulants almost as soon as you start taking them.

That being said, your medication probably is not right for you.

The only advice I could share would be to take note of your symptomes/ the way you are feeling and be honest about it with your doc.

If it's not working, it's not working. And he/she can decide wether to switch your medication for a different brand or simply up your dosage.

I've also been told that it can be a total roller coaster ride trying to find the medication that suits you best.

So be honest with yourself and your doctor and keep in mind that medication is not always a complete solution.

Unfortunately, things like diet, exercise, proper sleep are also things you might want to take into consideration.

Sucks to hear but ADHD is complicated, as are most mental illnesses and brain disorders.

I wish you all the best though, I dropped out of college before knowing I had ADHD so I feel your struggle.


I'm not convinced of the term multitasking... way over sold and aspired to. I don't think there are more than a handful of people who can truly do two things at once that require concentration - freaks of nature!

What your doing reminds me a lot of being a bank teller back in my college days as I learn more about ADHD, I can now better grasp why such repetitive tasks were not my strength!

While I loved working with people, distractions were everywhere as I counted cash, simultaneously responding to a myriad of questions and requests, all the while punching keys on my register. It was all too frequent to find myself out of balance at the end of the day, a couple hundred transactions later!

I'm new to My diagnosis, only been on meds for 3 months. Adderall at 10mgs twice a day did nothing. 20mgs twice a day very little, but it helps.

I've found it to only work for about 4 hours. Your crashing makes sense. I'm wondering if 10 or 15mgs each dose might be more effective without the crash?

I've not found it to give the laser focus others describe. I wish it did!


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